Third Place – Lengthen & Strengthen Your Core 21 Day Challenge

I would like to congratulate our third place winner of the 21 Day Challenge - Lauren Welles!

Before beginning this program, we asked Lauren what her main concerns were. She shared that stress and anxiety were what she was struggling with the most, and that they were keeping her feeling stuck, both physically and mentally.

In her side photo, you can see how Lauren has her knees hyper-extended. This is causing the pelvis to be pulled forward, and as both legs are being pulled in different directions from the way the fascia rolls around the shin bones, will also be twisting. This is creating a lot of tension in the pelvis, causing ballooning of tissue, but also impacting the alignment of the ribcage.

The forward tilting pelvis draws the ribcage down into the core, creating congestion and inflammation in the abdomen. This will cause the body to experience the sensation of anxiety, as the area becomes acidic from stagnancy. It also blocks the body’s ability to breathe diaphragmatically, keeping her system in fight or flight mode, so even if she isn’t experiencing stress in the outer world, her internal system is feeling stressed.

When asked how she felt after the program, she shared that her breathing is so much deeper, and that she felt calmer and freer in her life. She noticed her waist narrowed and thighs slimmed, and that she can expand her diaphragm in all directions now with her breath. She also feels stronger in her upper body and is more aware of her overall alignment.

When comparing the before and after photos, it is obvious to see the changes in her abdomen. The alignment of her legs has improved, which has taken away pressure and congestion in her pelvis, her ribcage has lifted, and the inflammation in her abdomen has significantly reduced. She is looking much more balanced in her body which will create a feeling of safety within, decreasing the sensations of anxiety as her stronger breath will be connecting her with her parasympathetic nervous system, giving her body the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.

When we asked Lauren if she would recommend the program, she said “Get off and get started! Block Therapy is so empowering and has taught me so much about my body, as well as made me more present to my emotions, allowing me to work with them, rather than resist them”.

We are thrilled with your change Lauren, Congratulations again!

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  1. What you said about the forward tilting pelvis ultimately causing anxiety even if the outer world isn’t stressful is very interesting to me as I have had this strong experience before–nothing stressful around me, or even emotionally(in my conscious mind) but still feeling anxiety. What are the best classes to address this?

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