90 Day Transformation – Katie Opitz

This week, we continue to highlight some of the remarkable transformations that members in our community experienced during our 90 Day Challenge. This Challenge ran from April 1st until June 24th. 

The second-place winner of the 90 Day Challenge is Katie Opitz. What stood out so dramatically was the change in the shape and tone of her legs.

To begin, she shared that she had these issues that she wanted addressed:

  • Pain and tightness in lower back, knees, and hamstrings.   

In her before photos Katie has quite the twist going on in her lower body, driven by the way the fascia has wound around both of her shins. The front photo shows how compressed the pelvis is, and how the tissue above and below the bikini bottom is ballooning as a result. This will put extreme pressure on the back and limit proper range of motion.

In the right-side before photo, you can see how that ankle is locked, causing her to put excessive weight on the outside of the foot. Overall, with every step she takes, this will create a ton of pain and limitation to the joints in the legs, as well as create asymmetries up the chain.

When we asked Katie how her issues held her back, she shared:

“I stopped working out at the gym because it hurt to do my workouts.  I felt pain in my knees when I went from a sitting to a standing position. I had to sit down to put my pants on.  It hurt to do a knee raise or a leg extension from the sitting position.  My hamstrings were very tight and it was pulling on my lower back. It even hurt to stretch.”

When we asked what gains she made from doing the challenge, she shared:

 “I have greatly improved my flexibility.  I am no longer stiff and sore when I wake up in the morning.  I am able to move freely and easily and feel like I am walking in a new lighter body.   My clothes fit much better!

 I have improved self-image, softer more supple tissue, a more defined waistline, and no bloating.  I have greater flexibility and range of motion.  I released adhesions under my chin and I am amazed at how fluid the tissue feels.  Once I started to feel better in my body, I became more mindful of what I was putting into my body.  I started following an anti-inflammatory diet (AIP- Autoimmune Protocol).  I weighed 152 at the beginning of the challenge and currently weigh 134.  Seeing the changes in my hips was very liberating!  I am able to take fuller deeper slower breaths which helps me stay grounded and centered.  I released a lot of mucus out of my sinus passages.”

When we asked what she would tell others about Block Therapy, she shared:

“Block Therapy is THE BEST GIFT you could give your body.  It will not only help you release fascia but it will release tight muscles, improve sinus congestion, release trapped emotions, release tension and improve your sleep.  It is easy to incorporate Block Therapy into your daily activities.  You can carve out 30 minutes for yourself or you can do it while lying in bed, sitting at your computer, or on the couch while watching tv.  Soon your body will be craving more time spent with your Block Buddy and Baby.  I highly recommend it!”

Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Although this word is used a lot in health and fitness, it perfectly describes what will happen to those who undertake the 90 Day Challenge – Advanced Version. I invite you to try the challenge yourself!

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