Outwitting the Devil and Fluid Isometrics

Outwitting the devil

Outwitting The Devil

I have recently read an incredibly profound book, “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill,
the author of “Think and Grow Rich”. This was written in 1938 but was not published until 2011 as it proved so controversial. Napoleon Hill claims to have broken the Devil’s code, forcing the devil to share his secrets as to how he keeps people in suffering. At the beginning of the interview, the devil states that he inhabits the empty space in the brains of people. I find this so fascinating because I view the empty space to be directly related to tissue compression.

Let me explain…

The average body has about one hundred trillion cells. The heart pumps blood to each and every one of these cells and, in turn, cells send information and signals to the brain to establish a perfectly balanced body, mind and spirit. The blood is the messenger. This, however, is in a perfectly spacious, aligned body of which none of us have. Do to years of unconscious posture and incorrect breathing, the tissue in the body compresses over time, creating roadblocks to blood flow. This means that not all of our cells are receiving nutrients but also the blocked cells are not able to communicate with the brain. This creates gaps in our awareness of the moment.

These gaps, I believe create the unused space of the human brain that the devil can inhabit. If we have 100% of our cells communicating with the brain, then 100% of the brain is occupied with conscious awareness of the moment. However, the majority of people have unconsciously allowed their body to collapse to a point where a large percentage of their cells are blocked. As the blood doesn’t reach the cells they, in turn, don’t send information to the brain. Empty space results and negative, fear based thinking.

This is where Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy come in.

With my program you are taught to decompress the tissue that has collapsed over time, breathing space and life into the cells. As the cells come out of hibernation they begin to communicate with the areas of the brain they directly connect to. Now, that unused space of the human brain is becoming awake to the language and messages of the cells. If the brain is connected to our awareness of the moment, negativity is pushed out!

I know first hand the truth behind this. When this journey began for me fourteen years ago, I was not living a conscious, fulfilling life. In fact, my life was riddled with depression, anxiety and insecurity. My body was compressed, I was unhealthy, unproductive and not at all living a life filled with hope, faith and purpose. It was through the act of decompressing collapsed tissue, or melting frozen fascia, that my life began to change.

As I was putting the space back into my tissue that I lost through years of unconscious living, I began to connect to my real purpose. In time, my thoughts became clearer and my emotions stabilized. It wasn’t a straight line, but in the fourteen years I have been on this path my life has dramatically improved. I feel that now I have full control of my thoughts. I have learned how to stay on track with purpose and view failures and setbacks as opportunities to improve and advance.

There are 7 requirements to be successful in life according to Outwitting the Devil

One of the 7 requirements is mastery of self. With Fluid Isometrics and block therapy you become in touch with the parts of you that have been pushed aside through unconscious living and are taught to learn the language of the body. By choosing to seek out your pain and release it as instructed in my program, it no longer keeps you trapped in the pain/fear cycle. Once the fear is removed, pain is simply a sensation the body provides to give us information about the state of the tissue.

I have personally experienced a radical shift in my life and have seen many others change from applying the techniques outlined in my program. I have also shared this book with many friends who all agree that by understanding how the Devil works to manipulate us and keep us in suffering, we can set proper action in motion to take back control of our brains, and our life.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to face the bully and put an end to suffering.

Start transforming your life today
with Block Therapy.

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