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The next 3 blogs are featured as themes in our 21 Day Head, Neck & Face program that we are doing as a community through our member site starting on April 7th. Each week has a theme based on the area that we are working. The first week we will be focusing on the ribcage -- the foundation for the head and neck. As the heart resides in this area, the theme is Open Your Heart.

Whenever I see anyone suffering, my heart aches. Whether human, animal, anything in nature . . . if I see stress or dis-ease, I want to help. The pull comes from the middle of my chest and the emotions that erupt inside are powerful and intense. This has led me to the life I live, so to turn that energy into action.

The heart is an incredible muscle, and it’s so much more than that. Some people think that the brain is in control of the body, but the electrical field of the heart is 60 times greater than the brain and the electromagnetic field is 5000 times stronger. We have an incredible capacity to love, and this is what is emitted beyond our physical container which has an impact on the world around us.

This incredible capacity we have can change humanity, and right now, with the turmoil in the world, we need each one of us to be as open and loving as possible. There are so many that are needlessly suffering, and I believe it is in part because our capacity to love has been affected by the alignment of our physical container.

A person’s emotional state is communicated throughout the body and extends outward to the external environment, and there is a level of communication that exists below conscious awareness. This is where our alignment is so important to understand. When the ribcage is open and aligned, there is optimal space for the waves of energy to flow. With this, emotions can travel freely into and out of the body so as not to become stagnant. Like inflammation, if emotions become stagnant, they destroy the health of the environment.

The foundation of the ribcage is the diaphragm. If this muscle is strong and aligned, the ribcage is supported, and the heart and lungs have the space to function with ease. When the diaphragm becomes weak from a lack of conscious breathing and negative posture, the ribcage collapses into the core, crushing its contents. This creates adhesions around the heart which ultimately block the electromagnetic waves. The capacity to send those loving waves of energy becomes diminished as we lose space within.

Trauma can be incredibly impactful as it relates to the heart’s ability to send out waves of love. Pain, fear and stress cause us to reactively hold the breath. If there is a traumatic event in a person’s life, the freeze of the diaphragm locks negative alignment in the ribcage and if not resolved, will directly affect the heart. Not only will it affect the individual’s cellular health, but the waves also emitted from the heart will be felt by those around them. As there is a level of communication below conscious awareness, we often don’t realize we are affecting others, and they often don’t realize they are being affected.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this. No matter the reason the ribcage has compressed, the adhesions that have locked the negative alignment can be released, and the diaphragm can be strengthened to support the heart, lungs and everything else in and around the area. 


The foundation of the ribcage is the diaphragm. If this muscle is strong and aligned, the ribcage is supported, and the heart and lungs have the space to function with ease. When the diaphragm becomes weak from a lack of conscious breathing and negative posture, the ribcage collapses into the core, crushing its contents.

Deanna Hansen - Founder

The heart pumps blood and oxygen to every cell in the body. If the ribcage has become a hard container rather than a flexible cage to support its contents, then the heart can’t freely send blood through the aorta, the main artery leaving the heart. The lack of oxygen causes cells to become dense and heavy which allows gravity to take hold and twist the body. Adhesions develop to create stability so the body can stay upright, however this compromises flow to a greater degree. Cells that can’t receive flow not only become a physical hindrance; the information they share is also blocked so the brain must rely on memory as opposed to responding to each moment as a unique opportunity to live life with love.

This is something to understand on a deep level. Many are caught in cycles of repeating past action. This can greatly reduce quality of life. As Eckhart Tolle says in The Power of Now, only when you are a diaphragmatic breather are you living in the moment. If you are breathing from the muscles of the upper chest you are connected to thoughts of future and past, which is based in fear, not love. This should be enough to make diaphragmatic breathing the number one focus for health, as it equates to our perception of life, as well as the energy we emit to those around us.

Throughout this week of the 21 Day Head, Neck & Face program, we will be exploring the entire cage to free the heart from past trauma, as well as from unconscious physical action. Simply allowing yourself to slump in front of a computer all day forces the breath to come from the upper chest as this posture will be strangling the diaphragm.

So, for anyone joining us on week 1 of this program, as you free the ribcage, allow the pent-up emotions to release and accept love in your heart  to allow the flow to be felt by those around you. The world needs more love in order to lift humanity to its fullest potential. I have faith that we can rise above pain and fear and live with compassion, forgiveness and love for every person and animal, as well as everything in nature. This is my dream and will continue my mission until the day this becomes reality.

Breathe & Believe

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