The secret to warmer hands and feet

The secret to warmer hands and feet? Turn Up The Heat!

It may not be, but this feels like the coldest Winnipeg winter. With a temperature often colder the -20 Celsius, (not including the wind chill), resting in a warm, cozy home is the way to go.

Solutions For Cold Hands And Feet

For a while the furnace in my home wasn’t working. It would go off at random times, leaving the house very cold, but there is a space heater in the bedroom, so at night I was prepared when I was sleeping if I needed heat, fast. The room would be nice and warm, but if I had to go to the bathroom, it was an unpleasant journey, as the space heater certainly didn’t heat up anything other than the bedroom. Then, the furnace was fixed, and the problem solved. The nice, consistently warm house was back, where every room was comfortable, relaxed and settled.

Natural ways to warmer hands and feet

We are a population of people that has become frozen. The unconscious habit of breathing from the muscles in the upper chest has created people whose overall temperature is below average, and as a result – often have cold hands and feet. Cooler tissue is sluggish – so blood and energy flow can’t reach cells at their optimal pace.

Like driving in Winnipeg in winter, the roads have a build-up of snow between the lanes and cars simply can’t maneuver as efficiently. The exhaust builds up as the flow slows, and the area becomes polluted.

This is the state of tissue in the average person, sluggish and polluted. It is in everyone’s most healthful interest to turn on the furnace and work to increase the tissue temperature throughout the entire body. The cells require oxygen and nutrients to thrive and survive, and require the removal of waste to maintain a proper pH level so as not to allow disease organisms to grow.

It is only through proper breathing that we can naturally achieve optimal tissue temperature and return to a body which is comfortable, relaxed, and settled with warmer hands and feet.

Causes of Cold Feet and Hands

Incorrect breathing is a cause of cold hands, because, it is like heating your body with a space heater, and the heater is in the upper rib cage. This inefficient, expensive heater is positioned to take care of that which is within a certain range, so there would be little transfer of heat to the feet, for example, as they are a far distance away.

Turn On Your Internal Furnace

Breathing correctly from the diaphragm, on the other hand, is like turning on the furnace, it is a natural solution to cold hands and feet. The diaphragm is positioned in the core, at the center, and when working properly, is very efficient at heating the entire body, warming your hands and feet.

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Breathe & Believe

with warmer hands and feet!


Solution to warmer hands and feet

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