A Holistic Approach

A Holistic ApproachYears ago I was at a Nature’s Sunshine convention listening to herbalist Steven Horne. I love how he explained the holistic approach.

If you had a garage full of garbage that was attracting cockroaches and rats, the non-holistic approach would be to set traps and put out poison to kill the invaders. The holistic approach would be to take out the garbage. What a simple and profound analogy.

Our body is our personal house and there are certain things we need to do to keep it clean, safe and functioning properly. Thankfully, every week, the garbage men come to clear the week of accumulated waste away from the house. Our body’s system of elimination is meant to do this same thing, but unfortunately most people’s system is less than efficient, leaving much of the waste behind.

I believe in doing regular cleanses. As we are living in a toxic world and we haven’t kept our internal world heated and clean through proper breathing and posture, we have a back up of garbage in our system that is allowing undesirable organisms to make a home in us. This is adding mass and bulk to our body, but is also causing our overall health and appearance to suffer.

Our container (our body), when fully grown, is a certain mass and size. If that changes over time it is largely due to a decrease in our internal space and consequent displacement of tissue outward from incorrect posture and unconscious breathing, as well as an accumulation of waste and all that brings with it (and by this I mean parasites and the waste they leave behind).

Understanding what is at the root of our body issues (whatever they may be) is key to correcting the issues and knowing what approach to apply to obtain the desired outcome. Just like your home, for your body to look good, feel good and function efficiently and effectively it needs to be clean and orderly. So, when you are dealing with a frustrating body issue, whether it’s the inability to lose weight, general fatigue, problems sleeping, anxiety or depression or something else, try applying this analogy to your understanding of what may be at the roof of what is bothering you and don’t forget to take out the trash!

Breathe & Believe

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