Total Body Cleanse – A Great Way to Do Some Spring Cleaning

I just came back from L.A. last week with one of our Block Therapy instructors, Quinn. We were checking out the city, making contacts and having fun in some much needed sun. Unfortunately, one of the negative side effects I have when I travel, is my system gets backed up. Using the Block Buddy is a great way to deal with this issue and assist with a total body cleanse, but sometimes I need a little extra help. The air pressure on the plane and all the changes the body endures (too much restaurant food), really affects my system, and I need to cleanse to get myself back on track.

Options for a total body cleanse…

Although there is some controversy about the gall bladder total body cleanse that has you drink grapefruit juice, olive oil, Epsom salt and water over the course of one day, it has saved me many times from huge discomfort and bloating. Whenever my bowels are blocked, this is my go-to solution, and it works every time.

Total Body CleanseA gentler total body cleanse that I do a couple of times per year is Dr. Miller’s Wholy Tea. I really enjoy this month-long total body detox because it gradually pulls toxins from the body, giving the cells a deep cleaning. Even if we are regular in our bowel movements each day, we aren’t fully and completely eliminating all the waste from the body.

There are many great products on the market, and I certainly am not an expert in what products are the best, but these are the ones I have had continued success with.

If you are uncertain, ask the people in the health food store, as they are generally knowledgeable on the products, and if you have a serious medical condition, first consult your doctor.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen


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