Masaru Emoto – Our Cells Need Love Too

I didn’t use to treat myself very well. There were years when I sent hate mail to parts of my body that frustrated me. There was a even time when I thought if I had the belly I wanted, I would never feel stress, because that was all I stressed about. I know I’m not alone in this. Most of us don’t treat our bodies with the love they deserve.

During the 1990’s a scientist by the name of Masaru Emoto, conducted a series of experiments later jointly named Emoto’s Water Crystal Experiment. The experiment looked at the effects of prayer and loving thoughts on the crystalline structure of water compared to negative, hateful thoughts. What he found is that water exposed to positive energy is more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical than when exposed to hateful, negative energy…and we are made of 60% water.

The first week of my 90-day program is all about changing attitude, and talking lovingly to our cells and ourselves. Many people find this is the most challenging week because we are so used to mentally beating up on the areas of ourselves we aren’t happy with, instead of loving ourselves as we are.

This week, see if you can catch yourself when you are sending those negative thoughts. Maybe your pants feel a little tight and you wish for smaller legs, or your hair seems limp and you wish for it to be full and voluminous. Find what it is you regularly ridicule and consciously feed it positive thoughts. Speak lovingly to that body part or area and notice over time how things start to change in it. It’s not magic, it’s quantum mechanics. Fortunately we don’t have to understand the science for it to work for us. You have nothing to lose, except inches if that’s your goal!

Enjoy this free PDF review of
The Hidden Messages in Water

by Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto

Breathe & Believe

 Deanna Hansen


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