Does Rushing Save You Time, or Does it Only Add Stress?

In our fast-paced world, we are often rushing around, looking for what is convenient, and multi-tasking whenever possible. This is to supposedly give us more time to get through all the tasks we must do in a day. Understandably if you are managing a family, jobs, your home and everything else that life throws at you, time becomes the most valuable commodity. But are you really saving time when you rush?

What drives us is our habits. I can speak to this because I have an ingrained habit of rushing. Being the youngest of 3 girls, I never could take time to do what I wanted because I was always last in line, then there was a rush to get going. I think this is partly what set off my issues with constipation when I was young. I had very little bathroom time, so there was a force connected to an act that shouldn’t be forced.

I also had a father who was impatient and a stickler for time. Never wanting him to wait, I put aside my own sense of timing to appease his urgency. This became a deeply ingrained habit that I still catch myself involved with. When I wake up in the morning, if I don’t go into my mantra of looking after myself first, I can become overwhelmed very quickly with all the tasks ahead of me, resulting in a day beginning with a sense of anxiety rather than appreciation that I am living another day.

The question arises, do you save time with rushing? My personal experience screams no. Rushing doesn’t save time, it adds stress and I have a very real example that speaks volumes.

I was running late and wanted to quickly eat something before I left my home. As I didn’t have time to prepare a healthy meal, I thought I would simply throw some apple sauce into my mouth to give me a quick shot of energy. Well, good intentions . . . As I was attempting to open the jar that had become stuck from the sugar in the apples, I dropped it. The jar broke, spewing shards of glass soaked in apple sauce all over the floor, cupboards and my fridge. If you heard my language at that moment, you would have been appalled - lol.

I needed to address the mess that was created in my kitchen, otherwise it would have become a nightmare to clean later. This added another half hour of work before I could leave my home. Had I just taken a moment to make sure I had a good grip on the jar, none of this would have happened, and I would have probably still been on time for my appointment as I was only running a few minutes behind.

How many times have you done something in a rush and had a negative consequence as a result. I am sure we all have our stories of frustration, but to my point, rushing doesn’t give you time, it gives you stress. 

It's funny how we must learn to control the ego. I believe we all experience this sense that we are the center of the universe and that if we don’t accomplish what we set out to do, that everything will collapse. Realizing that we are such a minuscule part of life is both defeating, and liberating. At first, to imagine that our role on this planet is so short and can leave little-to-no memory to those who come after can make you wonder what it is all for. On the other hand, to know this can create a freedom to fully live your life and gives you the power to express your identity, while enjoying the experiences that pass in front of you in a way that stems from gratitude. This mindset, I believe, can also connect you to your creative gifts, thereby impacting those and the world around you on a grander scale.


How many times have you done something in a rush and had a negative consequence as a result. I am sure we all have our stories of frustration, but to my point, rushing doesn’t give you time, it gives you stress. 

Deanna Hansen Founder of Block Therapy

I believe this is what we are here to do. To explore all the wonders that the senses can appreciate, to share our innate gifts with the world and to love every member of this planet as we all are here for a brief time, experiencing this crazy and fascinating life together. 

So, when you are living each day, you can rely on your habits to take you through the moments, and you may feel comfortable and efficient with life as a result. However, you can ask yourself – am I content with how I am living my life? I have heard that on their deathbed, many will say that it isn’t what they did, but what they didn’t do that they regret the most. Living in your comfortable habits may keep you safe, but at the end, did you really live. Did you get caught up in trying to perform, to rush, to get the job done at the expense of connecting to your innate gifts and sharing your creativity. If you knew that this life is a gift to appreciate the senses and all the gifts that come with experience, would you simply try to be the efficient person that gets all their chores completed, or would you stop, smell the roses, try something new and enjoy each moment for the gift that it is.

So, ask yourself the question - does rushing save you time, or does it simply add stress??

Breathe & Believe,


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  1. This article is spot on! I can really relate. I have been working on slowing down for a long time. I’m getting better, and catch myself rushing sooner. I have less anxiety and often tell myself to “do less” which is freeing. Thank you for sharing this.

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