Relief of Asthma Symptoms with Block Therapy

“Block Therapy has provided
relief of asthma symptoms”

“My name is Kathi Wirth and I’ve just completed the 3 classes of Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy. I’ve had chronic asthma for sixty years. I’ve noticed a difference in the past 2 weeks because now Block Therapy has provided relief of asthma symptoms. I’m able to breathe through my nose which was virtually impossible. I’m still whistling a bit but I’m working on that. I also have nasal polyps that makes it kind of hard but I’m hoping to shrink those as well. I really enjoyed the classes. My husband found the article in The Winnipeg Sun that ran a few weeks ago. He said ‘Why don’t you give this a shot’? I decided I’d do it. I had nothing to lose and I’m glad I did. I’m going to take more classes in the future and I recommend it to anybody.”

Are you looking for a
natural relief of asthma symptoms?

If you’re looking for a natural relief of asthma symptoms, then we recommend that you give Block Therapy a try. Block Therapy is an all natural, meditative form of body work that uses the Block Buddy to bring heat into an area and melt through frozen fascia, releasing it from the area and thereby promoting increased blood flow and oxygen flow – both of which are critical to health and healing.  You can do Block Therapy in the comfort of your own home by ordering the Block Therapy Intro Video Series and Block Buddy. If you’re in Winnipeg we offer Block Therapy classes throughout the city.



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