Accelerate Your Block Therapy Workout With Multiple Blocks

Block Therapy Workout Baby and Block Buddy Deal

There are so many benefits from the  Block therapy workout that I appreciate, but what I love the most is that I get to “hang out” on the Block. I love this because after a day of work, I can go home, put on a movie, and just be with my Block Buddy. Letting gravity, my bodyweight and the Block Buddy do the work, I can relax while it sinks deeply into my tissue, removing restrictions and limitations as I entertain myself.

Add More Blocks to your Block Therapy Workout

Another aspect I love is the efficiency. If practiced regularly, Block Therapy helps with so many aspects of health, wellbeing and appearance. It helps with pain, controlling weight, emotional stress and even benefits the mind. To increase the efficiency of your Block Therapy workout, we can work on more than one area at a time. I have enjoyed hanging out on two and even three blocks, to increase the benefits. The interesting thing about this is that if you have a really painful area that you may be afraid of, working with two blocks helps to cancel out the pain, or at least minimize it. It is like two negatives making a positive.

The great thing is that you can become really inventive with your Block Therapy workout. Why not give yourself an hourglass figure while melting the cellulite off your legs, or work on your rib cage while giving yourself a facelift? In this busy world, it’s simple to maximize the benefits of Block Therapy by using two, or even three blocks all at once. Just try it and you will see how easy it is!

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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