90 Days to a Whole New You – Positive Lifelong Health Habits

90 Days to a whole new you

When we form habits, habits form us. It all comes down to training proper habits. It isn’t the big changes that we make all at once that direct the outcome of our how our tissue ages. It’s the everyday choices we make that add up over a lifetime.

90 Days to a Whole New You
is an online program that creates
positive lifelong health habits.

I created “90 Days to a Whole New You” to help people ease into making the necessary changes required to live a long and healthy life. If you had a Ferrari, you would probably treat it with the utmost respect and give it the proper care and attention to maintain it, so you could enjoy it for as long as possible. “90 Days to a Whole New You” is a 13-week program that systematically teaches you how to maintain and use your body the way it was designed, and to its fullest potential.

Like a high performance car left sitting out in a Manitoba winter, we have neglected this exquisite body and “90 Days to a Whole New You” will guide you in making changes in yourself that will benefit you lifelong. This is at the heart of everything I am teaching – how to live a life with as much freedom, ease and joy as possible for as long as possible.

For more on how attitude affects our body, learn why attitude is at the heart of our health in my latest blog post ‘Healthy Mind Healthy Body – 90 Days to a Whole New You’.

Breathe & Believe
Deanna Hansen

 Begin your transformation today
90 Days To A Whole New You

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