90 Days To A Whole New You Creates Proper Alignment

90 Days to a whole new youHealth and wellness come from having enough internal space in the body for blood and oxygen to flow freely to and from the cells. But, blockages develop over time, in part due to incorrect posture and breathing, and they cause obstructions to this flow of life-giving energy. My online program 90 Days To A Whole New You helps you to create proper alignment within the body.

Think of it this way – we are like a building. As long as the floors and walls are intact, the space within is safe and protected. Imagine it is winter in a northern city like Winnipeg. Living here, I know that if a window broke and the cold air got in, I would no longer be safe and could freeze to death. If that happened, I would  spend the time and energy necessary to repair that window as quickly as possible to ensure my comfort and safety.

Similarly, every cell in the body has a container; a membrane that protects the contents and allows for proper transfer of nutrients in and the removal of waste out.

In the body, the cell membrane needs to be intact for the space within to be protected. It is in this space that all the magic happens. I encourage you to watch BioVisions and Harvard University’s video,“The Inner Life of a Cell” to see the remarkable beauty that exists inside each of us. Take note of how many different interactions are taking place at once to maintain a healthy internal life. In order for all of this miraculous work to take place there has to be enough internal space.

The way that we create and maintain this space is by using proper anatomical posture. Through conscious, diaphragmatic breathing we keep that space inflated. For example, in order to maintain proper alignment of the head and neck, it is important to maintain proper posture from the feet up. My 90 day program, “90 Days to a Whole New You” sets out how to achieve this.

How 90 Days To A Whole New you
helps create proper alignment

When it comes to the body, we have fallen so far from proper alignment that we need to systematically rebuild from the ground up. First and foremost we must learn and practice “rooting,” (see week 4 “90 Days to a Whole New You”). We then need to correctly align the rib cage, as instructed in week 5, and then lift the head and neck as outlined in week 6 of the program.

Week 6 focuses on strengthening the tongue muscle to create the proper foundation and alignment to hold up the weight of the head. The tongue is a very strong muscle, and when aligned correctly, helps to create the foundation for the neck to support the head. If aligned, the head weighs about 8-10 pounds. When falling forward from an unstable foundation, it ends up putting up to 100 pounds of pressure on the muscles of the upper back, neck and jaw. Exercising this muscle with this goal in mind takes pressure off the vertebrae, allowing for better range of motion and strength. Additionally, by aligning the head, we create the necessary space for the roadways that carry all of the nutrients we require into and away from the head.

I developed “90 Days to a Whole New You” to help you form the positive habits you need to create and maintain proper posture and integrate diaphragmatic breathing into your everyday life. Habits can’t be forced though. They require conscious intent. This program offers simple, effective ways to change postural habits, and give you a body you love.

Watch ‘The Inner Life of A Cell’

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