Healthy Mind Healthy Body – 90 Days to a Whole New You

90 days to a whole new you. Healthy mind healthy body

I learned a long time ago that what we think, we become. Healthy mind healthy body – attitude is at the heart of our health.

Years ago I hated my belly. It was big, round, hard and full of waste. I longed to have a belly I could be proud of, but that seemed an impossibility considering how hard I was working to change it –  400 sit ups every day, running, starving…it wasn’t as though I wasn’t trying to change it, but it was frozen. Then I read James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy and it all started to make sense.

I put all of my time and attention into wishing my belly was different than it was. I hated it so much and that hate caused me so much stress that I actually thought that if I had the belly I wanted, I would never feel stress. After reading the book, I started to make changes in the way I saw myself. Instead of giving negative messages to my belly I literally began saying, “ I love my belly,” over and over again. At first, I actually blushed because I knew it was a lie, but then it started to roll off my tongue a little easier. I would repeat that mantra many times throughout the day and it began to make a difference. Eventually I really began to love my belly. Healthy mind healthy body.

I also learned a lot from the work of Gregg Braeden, in particular his book, Walking Between the Worlds, The Science of Compassion. I learned that love and hate have a specific frequency, and the frequency of love equals the frequency of our DNA. He said that when we have loving thoughts and emotions, that turns on the codons in the DNA, allowing them to express themselves fully and completely, but when we have hateful or negative thoughts and emotions, that literally shuts down some of the codons in the DNA, leaving our body to vibrate at a lower frequency. We want our body to exist at the highest frequency possible for long-term health and well-being. Healthy mind healthy body.

Healthy Mind Healthy Body
with 90 Days to a Whole New You.

By applying these learnings to my own life I began to experience first-hand the importance of including the topic of attitude as the focus for the first week of my 13-week program, “90 Days to a Whole New You.” Attitude is at the heart of everything. Unless we change the old, negative patterns of thinking, it will be difficult, if not impossible to change anything else.

In addition to the breath, one of the key components in Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy is patience. We can’t change the way we think about something for a day or two and expect a transformation. Instead, we need to change the habits of our thinking to continually support a healthy mind healthy body. When we practice positivity every day, healing and transformation is possible.

Week 1 is all about
healthy mind healthy body

For many, week 1 is the most challenging week of “90 Days to a Whole New You.” There is no exercise or physical input set out in this week. You are simply asked to observe your body in the mirror and be truthful and forgiving of yourself. Those old patterns of the ego are strongly held and fight to stay put. It can create internal discomfort to lead the mind into a different place than we are used to, and a lot of the thoughts running through us aren’t even conscious. So it is a challenge, but absolutely worthwhile.

Over time it becomes easier and easier to be kind and loving to yourself. Changing the way I think about myself has changed everything in my life. The way I look, feel, act and exist in the world is totally different than the woman who spent countless hours stressing and hating herself. The old me wasn’t productive or present, and could even be destructive to myself and those around me. The current me is living a life in which every day is lived in the present and is full of hope and promise. Healthy mind healthy body.

It’s amazing how, when you start to think lovingly about yourself, you attract others who are on that frequency as well. And that is a life worth living.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen  

Healthy mind healthy body –
begin your transformation today



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