Look Younger with Block Therapy

“I Look Younger”

“My name is Nolan White. This is my second day of the course at The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Conference 2014 and after the first couple hours of day one, without realizing it I looked into the mirror and I found that I didn’t recognize the person that I saw in that mirror. I look  younger than what I was. I looked a little closer and I noticed that my head was more or less on straight, my shoulders were square and I felt like I gained back 15 years. I looked that much younger in my eyes.”

“I feel more rejuvenated”

“By the end of the day I found that I started to hike up my pants just a little bit here and there and I was thinking that it was just kind of in my mind because you know, your jeans and stuff stretch over the day. But this morning I put on a fresh pair of jeans, and usually they’re tighter because they’re new but they weren’t. So I was already pulling them up at the very start of the day and now they’re getting really baggy on me. So it seems like something is happening there for me, I feel like I look younger and I’m losing a little bit of something.

But I feel much better, I feel more rejuvenated, I feel like my chest is out a little bit more without sticking it out. So I just feel overall, much more young, more healthy and more sturdy and like I said, I feel much better.”

 Want to look younger?

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Look Younger with Block Therapy

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