Deanna Hansen, Known as “The Tissue Whisperer” Tells Her Story in New Video

WINNIPEG MB – August 1, 2014 – Deanna Hansen, founder and CEO of Fluid Isometrics recently released, “The Birth of Fluid Isometrics: Deanna Hansen’s Story” on YouTube. The four-minute video is an up-close-and-personal interview in which the Winnipeg-based athletic therapist known as, “The Tissue Whisperer” shares the difficult story of how, in her early 30s, a life marked by addiction, obesity, anxiety and depression was turned around by the discovery of a body work practice called Fluid Isometrics that she would spend the next 15 years developing. Fluid Isometrics is now available as a home-based program called Block Therapy and classes are held each week in Winnipeg. For interviews contact or phone 204.452.1175.

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