How Block Therapy Helps You Lose Weight and Inches

People ask me all the time, “How can Block Therapy help me lose weight?” Well, seeing is believing.

Block Therapy Helps You Lose WeightIn addition to improving her diet, Samantha started Block Therapy in September, 2013. Ten months later you can see the dramatic difference.

How Does Block Therapy
Help You Lose Weight?

There are only 2 times in our lifetime when we actually increase the number of fat cells in the body; when we are babies and at puberty. This means that if our size is changing, it isn’t because we have added fat cells to the body, but that the cells we do have are expanding, for some reason.

What Causes Fat Cells to Expand?

lose inches with block therapy
Think of a balloon under pressure. As you squeeze a balloon at one end, it expands at the other end. The balloon will expand to a point until it bursts, as what happens if the pressure becomes greater than the strength of the container.


How to get an hourglass figureNow imagine a perfectly aligned body. We have about 100 trillion cells. When every cell is situated in it’s proper place, there isn’t any compression or stress, therefore no added pressure. The perfectly aligned, relaxed cell will not be protruding with stress, and will be it’s appropriate size. This happy cell will also be able to function efficiently, ensuring that our body’s needs and requirements are met.

Lose weight with block therapy
Now imagine a body not properly aligned, which is the majority of the population. When we don’t practice proper posture and conscious breathing, the rib cage collapses into the core of the body. This creates pressure within the core space, causing a ballooning of tissue outward. What we think of as fat is partly displaced tissue, bulging outward from the internal pressure.

What also happens when the rib cage collapses into the core is the organs become squished. The stomach, liver, pancreas and gall bladder don’t have the appropriate amount of space to receive optimal blood flow, so they aren’t as efficient in their functioning. This causes the digestive system to be sluggish and to become backed up with waste. This adds both size, and weight to the body.

Why does Block Therapy
Help You Lose Weight?

With Block Therapy, we put pressure back into the body where the walls of the cells have become compromised, adding blood and energy flow to rebuild the cell walls. We also move the tissue that has become displaced back to its more correct alignment. With proper instruction on how to strengthen the diaphragmatic breath, we then inflate the tissue that has collapsed, allowing for a re-alignment of the entire system. In my online program, “90 Days to a Whole New You” you  then learn how to maintain proper posture and the internal space necessary for lifelong health and well-being.

Simply put, Block Therapy helps you lose weight and inches as follows…

1. The Block Buddy puts the space back into the tissue time has taken away – Yes, you can awaken cells previously blocked from life.

2. The practice of proper diaphragmatic breathing inflates the cells to allow optimal blood and energy flow.

3. Applying conscious postural awareness maintains the new space you have created.

These 3 critical components of Block Therapy work together to bring our body back to its most healthy alignment. Once we have achieved this, weight loss and healthy weight maintenance is finally possible.

Start to lose weight & inches today.

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