Why Block Therapy Helps Reduce Wrinkles and Reverse Aging

Why Block Therapy Helps Reduce Wrinkles and Reverse Aging

People are always looking for ways to look and feel younger, and there are many apparent solutions out there that don’t do what they promise. So how do we reduce wrinkles and keep our skin looking young and healthy, lifelong? The first thing we need to understand is what causes the tissue to age. Understanding the mechanism of aging gives us the ability to understand how to reverse or slow this process.

Aging is the combination of a number of factors, but most significantly it is the natural result of the force of gravity on our body. Gravity is constantly pulling our bodies toward the earth. But, we have a counterforce to gravity built into our biology. It is the full conscious exhalation, but we need to use it consistently and fully in order to experience its benefits.

Another factor affecting the aging process is the lack of proper use of posture. We are all naturally dominant on one side. Over time, our asymmetrical movements begin to torque on the tissue in our body. In its attempts to keep us upright,  the tissue begins to layer over itself, gripping onto bony surfaces on its way down, causing a spiralling effect. This is also what causes tissue to wrinkle.

To reverse this process and reduce wrinkles there a 3 things we need to do:

1)  Release the grips on the bone. These block blood and energy flow and pull tissue away from its proper placement, causing tension. Block Therapy releases these grips.

2)  Inflate the tissue that had been compressed by breathing life and levity back into the cells. Conscious breathing does this.

3)  Rebalance the body to minimize the affects unconscious posture creates over time. This is what my 90-day program, “90 Days to A Whole New You” does.

There is no quick fix to reversing the negative signs of aging and reduce wrinkles, but you can actively choose a different path .  I wouldn’t look the way I do today if I hadn’t been open to this new way of looking at why and how we age. The greatest benefit for me though, has not been younger, healthier looking skin (although those are nice byproducts). The real benefit to this work has been feeling more at peace within myself.

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