Seeing Criticism and Failure As Motivators For Change

Seeing Criticism and Failure As Motivators For Change

Let’s face it, no one likes criticism, and failure can be exhausting, but when all you hear is positive reinforcement, what are the motivators for change?

Pain is one of the motivators for change

I think some people relate to pain in this way. If we feel a negative sensation in the body, it feels like our own cells are rebelling, even they don’t like us, and it can make us miserable and also lead to exhaustion. However, I see pain as simply a language the body uses to give us information, and motivate us to change. Again, if all we felt is positive sensation, why would we ever change our path, or work towards improvement.

I remember watching a talk show when I was young and the focus was on a young girl who had a condition where she couldn’t feel pain. When she was introduced with this, you could sense in the audience the envy people felt as they imagined a life without pain. But the show surprised people, as the topics revolved around the dangers and disasters that happened. The tissue damage that resulted from burns not felt, fractures not noticed and dangers not respected, all because this sensation that people often choose to shut out wasn’t present.

Criticism and failure I see similarly. They aren’t something we look for and desire, but when it comes, it is riddled with opportunity to change and understand a fault or flaw in the system. So, like pain, I see these setbacks as gifts, a language from the universe giving me a nudge in a different direction, or opening my eyes to a new way of doing things.

As a result of these gifts, it helps me put my creative juices into action, and prioritize time and resources in specific directions so I can supply people with information that is lacking. So, the next on my to-do this is create a whole series of classes and opportunities for people to practice Block Therapy on a chair. For those who are at a desk all day, or can’t move to and from the floor with ease, this will give you instruction.

I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to share. Whether positive or negative in its message, it takes time to do and energy put in. I have learned the value of pain, and am working on teaching others how to seek it out and love it, similarly, I challenge all of you that the next time you feel criticized or experience failure, to change your perception of this feeling and turn it into a gift. Believe that there is a seed of creation in that negative moment and be open to where life takes you.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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