Introducing The Block Therapy Golf Workshop!

Block Therapy Golf Workshop

There is nothing more exciting for me than collaborating with great people and creating something amazing. One of my goals is to create focused sports specific Block Therapy programs and now, the Block Therapy Golf Workshop is underway.

Fluid Isometrics Is Teaming Up With A Golf Pro!

I am thrilled to have met Tammy and Barry Gibson whose lives revolve around golf. Barry is the PGA of Canada golf professional from St. Vital Golf Centre and Maplewood Golf Course and Tammy is a competitive amateur golfer and rules official. Together, we are creating the perfect marriage of Block Therapy and golf instruction with the new Block Therapy Golf Workshop. This will combine the incredible benefits Block Therapy provides at creating the most fluid movements in the spine, rib cage, hips and shoulders with foundational postural and movement awareness required for an effortless and effective golf swing to make your golf more FUN!

The Golf Component

The golf component will consist of Barry Gibson providing instruction on the key fundamentals required for swinging the golf club easily and consistently. This will help you understand your swing and allow you to combine the wonderful benefits of Block Therapy with your golf.

Registration Is Now Open For The Block Therapy Golf Workshop

We are hosting our first series of classes Thursday evenings, April 16, 23 & 30 to prepare everyone for the season. Sign up now for this incredible introductory offer and get a head start with the Block Therapy Golf Workshop to prepare yourself for a wonderful fun and painless season of golf. Not to mention picking up some easy speed and power to your game, leaving your golf partners behind you off the tee! ‘Your fluid, effortless golf swing is only a block away!’

I look forward to seeing you at the Block Therapy Golf Workshop!

Breathe & Believe 

Deanna Hansen

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The Block Therapy Golf Workshop




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