An Exciting Year Ahead!

This past year has been incredible. When I look at the changes we have made, the challenges overcome, the growth of the company and most importantly, the relationships, I finally feel at peace inside myself. Now, I have full faith that the message of fascia decompression has taken hold and has a life of its own.

This has been a 21 year journey, since the inception of that spark that awakened me to this work and it didn’t take long before I knew there was something of value that I needed to share. As the years went on, I slowly gained momentum as there were simply more individuals who began to experience the benefits, but it was excruciating at times. Funny enough, each time I was at my most frustrated, confused or was simply worn out, a new insight, opportunity or angel would appear. This kept me going.

There have been many turning points, but the one that stands out most brightly is when Quinn joined me on this mission. I was already 13 years in, and he couldn’t have come at a more meaningful time. I had come full circle many times, but this was the moment I moved from owning a clinic and focusing on teaching therapists the practice, Fluid Isometrics, to Block Therapy taking center stage.

Together we have gone through many renditions of building a house to store all the information we want to share, and he is the architect. He wears many hats, but the ability to have the vision of where we are headed, and the skills and gifts to build something unique and sustainable impresses me every day. We will only continue to improve, but I have no doubt this partnership was set in motion a long, long time ago. I thank God for him every single day.

Since then, we have attracted some of the most brilliant, intuitive and compassionate people. Block Therapy wouldn’t be what it is today without this incredible team who works diligently to ensure that each and every person is looked after. I used to be scared of the responsibility ahead of me, now I am calm and centered, knowing that anyone who reaches out will have access to what they need to navigate the process and be supported along the way.

In 2022, we have so many incredible things to come. The first big one is a revamping of Block Therapy University. In the early New Year, we will be sharing the new and improved . . . everything. The videos, the content, the layout, the organization . . . this has been a massive team effort and I am so excited and happy to be at the point where we are doing a major upgrade!

Another huge project that for me has been years in the making, is Block Therapy Academy for Kids. Due out in early Spring, this is going to not only teach kids how to look after their bodies, but they will also become educated on the fascia, anatomy and the mechanics of using their body in the most correct and aligned way. 

We will also be providing opportunities for the youth to become educators to their peers. This is just the beginning. With growth and time, this will expand to include whatever information will be of benefit to creating healthy, happy, innovative and connected future leaders. These are just a couple of the projects coming soon and we will keep you updated with everything else to come. 

In December, I was nominated and accepted to be on the Holistic Leadership Council. I am thrilled to be connected to this incredible group. I can only imagine the information that will be pouring out of these gifted individuals for creating a future to support the people, the animals and the planet. I have never been part of anything quite like this and cannot wait to get started -- it all begins in February!

I look to 2022 with a feeling I have never experienced: I have felt all the emotions before, but the calm that pervades my cells is at a new level and this in itself is changing my perception and perspective of everything. I see a future filled with peace, community and opportunity: the ability to come together and create a future where we can all thrive. I believe without a doubt, together we can do this!

Breathe & Believe


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