Block Therapy – A Real Anti-Aging Solution

Block Therapy Deanna before and after face

The passage of time isn’t something you control, but how it affects your tissue is within your full power!

Block Therapy Deanna before &-after faceAging results from gravity, pulling down on your body – continually. Combined with unconscious posture and breathing, this relentless force twists and binds your tissue, to itself and bone, wreaking all sorts of havoc, namely pain, aging and disease. People have been mystified by the seeming certainty of aging and have searched the far ends of the earth to find a solution.

The cool thing is that trees are the solution.

Block Therapy uses tools called The Block Buddy and Block Baby – they are made from bamboo or elm. They are specifically carved to fit the contours of your body, allowing a deep penetration through the layers of fascia – all the way to the bone. This is where the root of the problem is – at the bone, where fascia can grip with a 2000 pound per square inch force, blocking blood and oxygen flow to cells.

Block Therapy combines 3 principles for success.

1 – Melting adhesions – lying on the Block Buddy for a minimum of 3 minutes, combined with diaphragmatic breathing as instructed, effectively melts through adhesions in the fascia tissue.

2 – Inflating the Space – the tissue that has been revealed from melting is fed with oxygen through the instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing, rejuvenating cells for health and vitality.

3 – Maintaining Space – the understanding of proper postural foundation and application to daily life is equally necessary to sustaining proper cellular alignment.

Block Therapy combines these 3 components to create an overall full body program that transforms you at the cellular level.

In 2006 I had already started the practice of Fluid Isometrics and had seen improvements from past. What I find so obvious in my before photo is my nose/nostril alignment. As a kid, I had nosebleeds daily, on one side, for years. The continual pressure put onto that nostril to stop the blood caused a shifting of my nose and obvious asymmetry to my face.

Before the age of 30, I was very unhealthy. Starving for breath and under immense pressure from my own addictive behavior, it showed in the rosacea and puffiness in my cheeks.  The roundness of my jaw and narrowing of my eyes also displayed the stress and heaviness at that time.

Now, in March 2018, I see much improvement in the alignment. The contours over my cheekbones and around the jaw are cleaner and sharper, my eyes are lighter and more open and my skin looks healthier. Overall, for 48 years old, I am happy with the direction I am going.

What is most enjoyed about the practice of Block Therapy is the peace within it provides. Giving your cells a loving hug, your nervous system feels safe and protected and the agitation many continually experience is softened. The calming of the mind results in better sleeps and a brightened mood, making life a better place to be.

Life is experienced through your perception of reality; and what you think you become. I know, I still fight the urge to do more, to win the race, to keep up…Block Therapy gives you the permission to slow down; and is accompanied by transformative positive side effects. Making this your lifestyle, you can live a life of peace, accomplishment and joy by first giving back to your cells.

Your cells are your kids and they need to be loved and supported. Most don’t ever think of their cells, or even their body unless it hurts. It’s time to start loving your cells back to life and loving yourselves enough to do this.

Once you try, you know it’s the real deal. So here is my offer to you to give as much as I can to share the life-altering benefits and create a more peaceful world, inside and out.

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Breathe & Believe


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