The Relationship between Posture, Blood Flow and Infertility

The March 12th Health Issue of Global News focused on “Infertility research focusing on women, leaving sperm science behind”. In the issue it stated:

Sperm counts are falling drastically worldwide – and have been doing so for decades – and scientists say their honest answer to why is: “We don’t know”.

Infertility is a significant global health problem, with specialists estimating that as many as one in six couples worldwide are affected. In more than half of those cases, experts say, the underlying problem is in the male.

I find it so interesting that posture is never mentioned as a cause of deterioration of health. I have been saying for years that it won’t be long before no healthy babies are born. The compressive forces in the body are hitting a point of exponential disaster in the younger population. Growing up in front of technology, combined with many other factors, have created a body collapsed and dense. For anything to function in the body, it requires blood and oxygen flow. Whether male or female, if blood can’t reach the reproductive organs, they will cease to do their job.

Compare the body of a 45-year-old person to that of a 25-year old. Theoretically, the older you become the more collapsed the body, but this is no longer the case. The rounded shoulders and in many the Dowager Hump – in past an old lady issue; the jammed up pelvis; the twisted rib cage; the asymmetry in the young: these are obvious in the majority in the younger generations. This is a big problem.
Compression blocks flow – all flow. The compressed twisted body is not functioning as it is meant to and has become cold and sluggish. The inability to access the diaphragm muscle – the internal engine that drives oxygenation and internal heating, is blocked resulting in the less efficient chest breather. The lack of oxygen creates a thick heavy body. Compare a balloon fully inflated to one with little air. This is what is going on to the cells – they are deflating from oxygen depletion and sticking together as a result. This affects flow.

It is through proper posture and conscious breathing that we keep our container upright and provide support for cellular alignment. Cells not in their correct position are under stress and cease to function on your behalf. In order to correct the situation with Infertility in men and women, internal space needs to be created and tissue needs to be heated for flow to resume. This will solve the problem.

This is what Block Therapy does: it melts the adhesions between the layers of fascia that form from unconscious living. Combine that with education of proper diaphragmatic breathing and correct cellular alignment through foundation building, you have a whole body system that provides a healthy, simple approach to the issues of today.

Join the Block Therapy Private Facebook group to be part of the conversations and ask questions to those who practice. The accumulated wisdom will give you the support you need to see if this is right for you. I look forward to seeing you there.

Breathe & Believe

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