Block for Self Care – Love Your Cells – Love Your Self

Before I understood Fascia as I do, I spent a lot of time hating my body, particularly my belly. It felt like a backed up sewer and looked like a balloon ready to burst. I felt heavy, swollen, slow, congested, stuck and unworthy. I literally was stuck in the past because all of that unreleased waste accumulating from years of constipation that should have been long gone.

With my current understanding of the fascia system and how it all works, I feel blessed and driven. Had I known in my youth the harm I was inflicting, I may have made different choices. I wanted to look and feel good so any type of help at the time would have been welcomed. Had I known there was another piece to the puzzle I would have made that a priority and happily seen the benefits.

I believe that what is missing for many to connect to their joy is the awareness that our cells listen to what we say. They labor continually to keep us going, whether we know it or not. And most people are not aware. If you truly knew what they do, you would be sending them praise and love – all day long. Instead many live in a world of fear, doubt and shame.

Negative emotions cause you to re-actively hold the breath – it is a protection mechanism built in for survival. The cycling of negative thoughts keeps the body in this frozen state, forcing the weakest muscles to do the job for the group of muscles responsible for respiration – most notably, the diaphragm.

The diaphragm is the inboard motor, powerful and driven; the muscles of the upper chest are like the trolling motor. The trolling motor is quiet and won’t take you far or fast. The muscles of the upper chest are meant for that added burst of energy when it’s required, not as the only muscle to breathe for the whole body. Understanding this and taking steps to re-ignite the diaphragm is your most direct line to health.

But there is a challenge you face with igniting the diaphragm.

This muscle is locked away – like a frozen shoulder. For most only part of the muscle is accessible for action. The combination of time and gravity create an aging force that compresses the body in and on itself. Unable to oxygenate the body effectively, the cells collapse like a partially blown up balloon creating all sorts of problems. Everything from pain, aging, weight issues, varicose veins, cellulite, disease…results from compression and ballooning of tissue.

Compression and ballooning feel awful and cause tissue to look unhealthy. Anything under pressure becomes toxic over time. If pressure isn’t released, systems break down and dis-ease is everywhere. To decompress tissue, it is the grip of the fascia onto bone that is the culprit and needs addressing – not a small task at a 2000 pound per squarer inch force.

The grips are magnetic. To undo the grips requires a melting of adhesions from the surface to bone, with the addition of oxygen to inflate the tissue. Directions need to be given to drive through the layers of fascia, as it is not a straight line to your destination. The right vehicle is also necessary to drive the landscape. This is unchartered territory and the terrain can be volatile at times.

Knowing how to approach your tissue to release the grips is the first step to self-care. You need to release your cells from gravity’s death grip and send warm, loving energy and oxygen to wake them up. When you can feed and clean your cells through proper respiration, they feel your awareness and they do their job with ease. These happy cells look round, alive, symmetrical and glowing…healthy!

Block Therapy is designed for this purpose. Having the right vehicle, the road map and knowing the conditions make this journey simple and easy. That doesn’t mean it is without challenge but you have a community that wants you to thrive and who will guide you if you get lost. Feeling safe is crucial for thriving and is the cornerstone of the Block Therapy Community.

Block Therapy is the system to teach you to connect to your cells; the Block Buddy is the tool. Your cells will feel like they are given a hug each time you lay on the Block Buddy and the immediate sense is one of calm. In these moments it is simple to speak lovingly to your cells individually and to yourself as a whole.

Only you can make the choice to learn the simple truth about the fascia and the breath. Once you start the journey you are awake!

Breathe & Believe

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