How Block Therapy Benefits Weight Loss

As we age it seems like it’s harder to lose weight. The reason is that fat is not the culprit, but compression from incorrect posture and unconscious breathing and toxicity from a sluggish system.

What many people think is excess fat is really an accumulation of waste. Those with an hourglass figure and flat belly would be more likely have a healthy digestive and elimination system, so not only would their core be attractive, but also the rest of their body as they would be absorbing nutrients effectively and ridding themselves of waste efficiently.

Before I started on this journey with Block Therapy, I had huge problems with constipation. I remember how awful I felt everyday. I would think I was hungry, as it would be time for a meal, yet I was full inside, knowing that what I had eaten the day before, and the day before that, hadn’t left me. It took my attention and my joy away. It sounds crazy that the way I viewed my day was dependent on my bowel movements, but that is exactly the truth. Even now that I have a healthy system, if I have one of those slow moving days it feels as though I am only partially present. If our system isn’t flowing freely, we feel stuck.

Compression blocks blood and energy flow and the temperature of the tissue turns cold. This slows down the systems functioning so the breakdown of food isn’t complete and nutrients aren’t absorbed. This causes the environment to become acidic, allowing disease organisms to inhabit the space. These organisms also create waste adding to mass of stuff building up inside the core. We are full of waste!

What is really exciting is a study was done in Australia 2014 that proved that 84% of weight loss comes from proper exhalation through conscious diaphragmatic breathing. Block Therapy is focused on getting the body back to being able to breathe diaphragmatically. The diaphragm is the foundation of the rib cage, so when we don’t make conscious breathing a practice, the rib cage collapses into the core of the body, displacing tissue outward and preventing full exhalation.

Block therapy addresses the mechanical issue of the collapse of the ribcage and teaches you to “melt” through this area of frozen tissue. This creates the space in the body that was lost over years and teaches you to connect back to diaphragmatic breathing. The mechanism of breathing properly, in turn, gives the internal organs a continual massage promoting blood and energy to reach, feed and clean the organs as well as efficiently moves the waste from the body with every single breath.

This alone is incredibly efficient at changing the shape of the core and body in general, but I also make it a point of doing regular cleanses. I can tell you honestly, that on a number of occasions, I have been disgusted and thrilled at what has left my body.

The point is that the core of the body is a breeding ground. If we haven’t been conscious of posture and breathing, eating healthy and maintaining balance in our life, we likely have many invaders making a home for themselves, wreaking havoc. And let’s face it, in the world today, who has mastered all these things? Our stress filled lives have overpowered our ability to be balanced and conscious and now we are paying the price. The good news though is that Block Therapy is a simple solution.

Join the conversation to hear other’s experience with Block Therapy. It works and it is safe, simple and easy!

Breathe & Believe

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