Fascia and its Connection to Emotions

I love people watching. I learn so much observing postures and expressions. One thing that I have become so aware of in myself is what expression I carry on my face. I try to keep a slight smile and ease to my face… the operative word being TRY.

What we do all the time is what adds up to create our posture. If you are an athlete or musician for example, the posture you assume to play your sport or instrument will be a part of how your body ages. It is the repetitive actions over time that wind and twist the fascia – the connective tissue – and that ultimately causes the symptoms and pains we experience.

It’s not only the physical aspects of life that ad up, but also the emotions that course through your body. Emotions are energy in motion. The goal is to feel the emotion but to exhale it out of the body, keeping your container clear to experience the next moment. Unfortunately, most don’t breathe consciously and the emotions you experience ad up in the tissue and create a charge and weight to your body. You can see on the faces of many the chronic expressions of sadness, guilt and anger.

So let’s give a scenario to help make sense of what is happening.

As a young girl I often heard; little girls are to be seen and not heard. I remember so many moments when I wanted to express myself, burst out with laughter or share something to others. Frequently I was shut down and I was forced to hold back my expression. As a young adult, I had incredible pain and tension in my jaw…go figure.

All the energy not expressed, not released, became trapped in my tissue. When we are forced to hold back emotion, it is the breath that is forced to act. We hold the breath to keep that emotion from releasing; but it has to go somewhere… so it settles in the fascia.

Emotions have a magnetic charge, a frequency that is unique to them. Anger, sadness, guilt, shame…these all have a charge and if not released when they surface, they continue to settle and ad up. Over time, the body has so much of this charge that like a magnet, it starts attracting more of it into itself. We tend to replay scenarios in our life until we consciously decide to change.

The fascia system is the tissue in the body that consciousness travels through…. at the speed of light. When healthy and aligned, emotions – energy in motion – enter the system and are released with the proper exhalation. This leaves the system clean and fluid. When the fascia is compressed and dirty, emotions get stuck and ad weight and debris. This is the state of the majority and becomes a burden to emotional and mental well being.

Fortunately, there is a safe and simple way to release the negative emotion from the tissue and create an ease of flow for healthy fascia. Block Therapy does this by decompressing the blocked tissue and releasing the trapped energy through instruction of proper exhalation. The exhalation is the driver of the cleansing action and becomes stronger through this process.

I used to suffer from anxiety but I now understand that it was my cells that were anxious. A compressed and dirty fascia system doesn’t allow for cells to be properly fed and clean, so they are stressed. When you understand the language of the cells and how they communicate through sensation, you can remove your being from the situation and realize your cells are communicating to you so you can make positive change.

If you are struggling, you are not alone. There is a whole tribe of Block therapy practitioners who have gone through this and come out the other side, a happier, lighter person. If you are interested and want to be part of the conversation, join our private Facebook group – Block Therapy Members. This is a safe place to ask questions and receive guidance from those who understand and are here to assist you.

Understanding the fascia and how it works is necessary for lifelong health and healing. Whether your issues are physical, mental or emotional; this is the way to gain control of your life through gaining control of your breath.

Breathe & Believe


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