Dense Breast Tissue – Fascia and Breast Health

50% of women have dense breast tissue. If you Google this, you will learn some of the reasons that cause this, as well you will learn that having them can make it harder for Mammograms to detect breast cancer, and and your chances of developing breast cancer may increase. This can be alarming to any woman with dense breasts.

I would like to shed some light on this topic.

Firstly, one of the main reasons breast tissue is dense is due to posture. The ribcage is the foundation for breast tissue. Due to unconscious posture and incorrect breathing, the ribcage collapses into the core of the body, pulling the breasts along with it. The forward collapse changes the foundation and squishes the breasts causing the density.

Compression also blocks the ability for the body to effectively feed and clean your cells. Compression builds dams in the tissue and traps debris and waste as well as starves cells from what they need to thrive. When talking about the breasts, this translates to creating a breeding ground for unwanted organisms to make a home and take your health away.

Block Therapy is a program that addresses compression. The act of lying on the Block Buddy, the tool you use, releases tissue that has become dense and creates space for blood and oxygen flow. The postural shift from the work also restores the foundation to support the breast tissue and keeps them open to receive nutrients and remove waste. As long as cells are fed and clean they are healthy.

There is so much fear around this topic and that alone affects the way you breathe. Fear causes you to reactively hold the breath, weakening the foundation of the ribcage – the diaphragm muscle, and starving the cells of oxygen, the most vital nutrient for health. Block Therapy creates a safe, simple and efficient program to address this issue and to ensure your cells are looked after life-long.

If you want to join the conversation and ask questions of the Block Therapy community, we welcome you to our private Facebook group – Block Therapy Members. If you want to connect to me directly for guidance and supervision, fill out our Free Health Strategy session, and I will connect to you personally.

There is nothing to fear when you take healing into your own hands. Let me show you how!

Breathe & Believe


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