Fascia is the Key to Better Flexibility

The key to keeping your body fluid and flexible is to understand the fascia and how it glues to bone over time. From incorrect posture and breathing, and injury and/or surgery, scar tissue and compressed fascia adheres to bone with a force up to 2000 pounds per square inch. Stretching alone can’t release this tension from the bone.

What this means is if you go into a forward bend and you feel your hamstrings are tight, you need to release the fascia that has gripped onto the femur bone…or perhaps you feel the limiting tension in your back or calves. Stretching only keeps the tissue already available at an optimal length. To markedly improve flexibility, you need to release the grips from the bone, and that means releasing the 2000-pound per square inch magnetic seal.

If you have 2 magnets stuck together, the bond is too great to simply pull them apart. If you twist them and pull them apart the seal will release. This is how you approach the tissue when doing Block Therapy. As you begin the journey of diving in through the layers of fascia, you learn to twist to get deeper access, the goal being to reach the bone to free the tissue from this powerful grip. The instruction of proper breathing feeds the tissue with oxygen and creates a lightness and space in the tissue so the tissue won’t seal right back.

Understanding the Fascia system is the key to improving and maintaining mobility in the body. Ultimately, how you sit, stand and move throughout the day will add up over time and create restrictions and gripping in the body that will limit range of motion. Part of the education of Block Therapy is to understand postural foundations to keep your cells aligned. If every one of your hundred trillion cells were positioned in their proper alignment, there would be ultimate fluidity and flexibility – like a baby.

What changes from being a baby to now when you are reading this? It’s the force of gravity continually pulling the body down toward the earth. We have the capability of countering that force with conscious posture and diaphragmatic breathing, but most haven’t paid attention to this and the restrictions build up over time creating a dense and stiff body.

Block Therapy works fast. The body has an amazing ability to change when given what it needs to thrive. Block Therapy is simple, efficient and profound in its benefits.

To learn what others in the Block Therapy community are saying, join our private Facebook group – Block Therapy Members. This is filled with wisdom from those who practice and you will love the support and compassion that people offer. I would love to see you there.

Breathe & Believe


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