Week 8 of the 90 Day Trauma Relief Program

We begin our next week of the 90 Day Block Therapy Trauma Program focusing on the core and ribcage and connecting to a mental trauma that may have impacted you. This may be an idea you adopted that made you feel powerless or unlovable, a memory that has physically impacted your ability to breathe fully from your diaphragm, a belief about your body that is holding you back, or any other limiting belief that is getting in the way. You may have many that you want to release but see if you can connect to a trauma that you feel has kept you in a state of freeze.

For me, I am going to focus on an incident when I was in my early teen years, when I was at the lake.

I had natural athletic abilities when I was young. I was able to do gymnastics with ease, even though I didn’t have any training. Front handsprings and backbends were no issue and I loved to test my body’s limits. In the summer, I would stand on the dock and do back dives into the water. This one time however, I hit my head on the crib, which was a huge shock in the moment.

I didn’t hurt myself, but I felt jarred somehow. I immediately went back to the dock to dive again, but this time, I couldn’t do it. Each time I tried, my body went into a twist, so the back dive became a side dive. I decided to go to the lawn and try to do a backbend. Same thing happened, my body seemed to have a kink in it that I couldn’t override.

This plagued me for twenty years. I would continue to try to allow the sensation of falling backwards, but my body wouldn’t respond. It was so frustrating as the control I once had was taken in a moment, seeming to never return. Until one day about 4 years after I began the journey of working on myself.

As I was taking my hands deep into my body, I felt the area that was causing the twist in my spine. I immediately had the memory surface of that dive and hitting my head. I felt different, like I had released the trauma. Something told me to try the backbend . . . success!!! I did it for the first time, and then did it again, and again, and again. I was elated as there was a sense of coming home that made me feel so safe inside my body, as though I had reclaimed a lost friend.

It's amazing how a moment in time can lock you into that state of contraction. But equally amazing how it can be released, and then to have mobility back that had been gone for years. 

What are you going to focus on this week to pull up to your conscious awareness so you can work through the old wounds and create a deep level of healing?

On day 4 of this week, the speaker we will be highlighting is Anthony Korohais. He has an incredible story of transformation, moving past depression and complex-PTSD. He is helping people all over the world, using Qigong as one of his main modalities for recovery. 

Also, day 4 is the time to put the block aside and treat yourself with loving kindness. You are guided to a meditation using your hands on your belly that will allow you to drift into a peaceful state, while still addressing adhesions in this area.

Remember, there are many layers that need to be released and repaired so be patient with yourself and stay connected to the community, so you feel safe and supported through the process.

If you haven't started the 90 Day Trauma Relief program yet, click here to join in.

Breathe & Believe,


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