Katie Opitz

90 Day Challenge Success Story

"This is the best gift that you can give yourself. It’s an inexpensive ticket to good health."

~ Katie Opitz

Block Therapy Enthusiast

"When I started the 90 Day Challenge I had a lot of pain in my lower back, I had tight hamstrings, my knees were hurting, I stopped going to the gym because of all of that pain and I thought I needed to heal my body. I had been walking on our property with my friend Sally and it just hurt to even walk with the dogs and I just decided to make a big change and so when the announcement came that Block Therapy was doing a 90 Day Challenge I just decided to jump right in and made a decision to make a change. I was tired of feeling that way. 

The significant improvements that I had during the 90 Day Challenge were freedom of movement was the big overall thing. I felt much freer in my body, my tissue felt more supple, I was able to move it, I was able to stretch. It didn’t hurt to get up and move from a sitting position to a standing position. I noticed a big change in my jawline and my chin and just the way that the skin just ripples when you move it. You don’t usually think about working your chin when you go to the gym or your scalp but I had some big significant changes in those areas as well because with Block Therapy you just literally work from head to toe and so just feeling those changes as you move through the challenge each month I just felt more free and a little more alive.

I started eating better and I just was sleeping better and I felt so much more in my body and it was such a great feeling. The improvements made me feel very free in my body and I was able to get back into some clothes that I wasn’t able to wear before. I could go on walks and not feel that tight and just that tension that I would feel in my body when I wasn’t moving this freely and it was such a great feeling. When you start feeling better in your body you obviously want to start eating better and so that was a huge improvement for me too. I completely cut out sugar which I know was a big culprit for the inflammation that I was experiencing in my body and when I started to drop the weight just by doing Block Therapy it was a pretty exciting feeling.

If I had not found Block Therapy I would be on a path that would not be very comfortable. I would still be in pain. I would be tight, stiff and just frustrated. When you don’t feel good in your body - I always tell people that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and if you don’t feel good inside your body it’s going to show up on the outside. It’s just been an amazing journey to go through that and I’m very grateful for finding Block Therapy. I initially found it because I wanted to help myself get rid of some cellulite but after doing the 90 Day Challenge I realized how much more that there is to Block Therapy and it really took a deep dive in healing my body and releasing that tight tension.

This is the best gift that you can give yourself. It’s an inexpensive ticket to good health. It opens up the doors for so many things. Like I said earlier with just changing your eating habits when you start feeling better in your body. Your eating habits change, your outlook on life changes, and when you feel good in your body you’re going to feel good being out in the world experiencing life. Life is meant to be in a forward motion, moving and going places and being and doing and if you’re stuck at home with pain you’re just not going to get to experience the true value of your life."

~ Katie Opitz

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90 Day Challenge

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