Our cells are our children

Our cells are our children

Our cells are our children

Most of us have a really hard time being kind to ourselves. We work too hard, don’t sleep enough, are dehydrated and don’t breathe diaphragmatically – which means we are suffocating our cells.

We certainly wouldn’t treat our children this way.

Our cells are like our children, and they work really hard to keep all of our systems working. In fact, they are truly inspirational.

Watch this video by David Bolinsky on the Wonder of Living Cells.

Once you can visualize the absolute enormity of how the cells work to keep us healthy and alive, it is hard not to shower them with love and attention. Just like our children, we need to give them rest, hydration, nourishment and space.

Space is where Fluid Isometrics comes in.

It is the space within the cells that allow all of these functions to occur simultaneously. If pressure is put on the cell then the components become crowded and can’t move as freely, or at all. Gravity takes the inner space away over time, allowing the aging process. Fluid Isometrics puts the space back into the tissue that time has taken away, rejuvenating tissue to a younger, healthier state.

It is in our own hands to be healthy. Treat your cells as you would treat your children. Give yourself the love, care, attention, time and space you deserve.

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