Transcendence is defined as existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. We have so many opportunities in life to transcend, as we are in fact, a spiritual being living inside a physical body.

I see the best way to accomplish this is to create space. Space allows us the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, to move beyond the physical limits we have positioned ourselves in, to extend in our body beyond the normal ranges we choose to live, and to see life with the vast potential we are all here to experience. Many don’t move beyond which is normal to them, as it can be daunting to move into that which is not understood.

Increasing space in life can be done from any perspective, and once we increase space in one area, it becomes easier to open up to new opportunities. I am sure we have all experienced the feeling of cleaning out a closet or drawer, getting rid of that clutter which no longer serves us, and the breath of fresh air we can inhale once the job is done. 

What about letting go of a relationship that has become toxic and a burden. The time we gain to create new relationships or other activities which can expand our horizons gives you that amazing sense of freedom and lightness. Creating space opens the doors for transcendence, as it creates opportunities for the mind to see new realities that were previously blocked.

When it comes to the body, creating space is an amazing gift we can give to ourselves, as it literally makes us younger. Let me explain.

There is a space/time continuum. As you get older, what do you notice happens to your body? If you are young when reading this, you may not yet understand; but as we gain in age, typically, we become shorter and wider. As we accumulate time (age), we decrease in our internal space. This can be seen as a challenge to maintain a healthy size and shape, an inability to move with the freedoms we once had, and an accumulation of gravity causing things to sag, and a slowing down of all functions, including brain power. For many, the idea of aging comes with fear as we know it means losing that which we once had.

With Block Therapy, the first of the 3 pillars we address is creating space in the body. The reason we lose space with time is due to the adhesions that develop to create stability. The interesting thing to note is if we maintained proper foundations for cell alignment, the fascia wouldn’t need to develop these splints that not only block movement, but also block the flow of fluids throughout the body. When flow slows, so do we.

It is also worthy of mentioning that intelligence is stored in the cell membranes. It has the ability to make decisions about how it will function. Watch David Bolinsky’s Life of a Cell to see the amazing interplay between all the parts, synchronously dancing to ensure its’ jobs are played out. Once the cell receives information sent through chemical messengers via the circulatory system, this information is deposited into receptors on the cell membrane. Those adhesions mentioned above block the cells from communicating with each other, distorting their ability to receive messages required for optimal health. As Block Therapy melts the adhesions and promotes optimal flow, those deeper cells previously blocked from communicating freely are now able to be reached and awakened to their purpose.


Transcendence is experience beyond the normal or physical level. Connecting to the deeper cells that were previously blocked and awakening them to once again perform at a higher capacity is the same as taking the age out of tissue.

Deanna Hansen - Founder

Transcendence is experience beyond the normal or physical level. Connecting to the deeper cells that were previously blocked and awakening them to once again perform at a higher capacity is the same as taking the age out of tissue. Even more exciting is connecting to a way of breathing that has the capacity to feed cells  lifelong, and not experience the negative effects of time. This changes the game for how we choose to live. No longer does one have to consider how time ravages the body and takes away mental capacity. To know that you can age in a manner not experienced before gives you the wisdom and confidence to continue to use your mind and continue to create new approaches to the world’s problems. Imagine how evolved this planet would be if those that have gained time and experience were the ones driving the decisions. 

We are living in challenging times. Continuing to move forward as we are will only result in a world even less healthy, and there is only so much it can take before collapse. Just like a body, if we want it to thrive, we need to treat it differently than our current approaches. Block Therapy is a different approach for the body that will result in new ways of living. For those that embrace this, it will create opportunities you never knew existed as the wisdom that comes with time is contained in a body that is youthful and thriving. 

If you would like to learn more from those who practice, our private Facebook community is filled with incredible success stories and offerings of guidance and support from those who practice. I would love to see you there!

Breathe & Believe

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