A Treatment for Rotatory Scoliosis

As a child, Christopher was diagnosed
with Rotatory Scoliosis.

Doctors told him he would not
live past age 21.

“Rotatory Scoliosis has affected me. I used to go to the drop-in quite often. There were days when I didn’t want to. I couldn’t move around too much or participate in certain activities because my legs or my back were uncomfortable. It made me depressed and ashamed of who I was because it was just difficult trying to fit in all the time. It was also difficult to take in all the negative feedback I would hear back from Doctors.

I first learned about Fluid Isometrics from Deanna Hansen. A typical session would be usually just working on my back, chest and stomach area because that’s usually where most of the pain would be when I’m just doing little day to day things.

After starting Fluid Isometrics I started to notice changes. I felt more flexible and I was able to walk much straighter without trying to walk straight. I have more energy to hang out with friends. It’s just more enjoyable when we do stuff together because I don’t have to worry about feeling sick or feeling uncomfortable or just worrying about stuff.”

Since beginning Fluid Isometrics with Deanna Hansen in 2012,
Christopher has experienced significant transformation.

“It was encouraging every time I came here and you worked on me. It gave me motivation to keep trying.”

“Working with you Christopher, honestly, has been the most life-changing experience for me. When I started working on you I had a clinic that you would come to and I wasn’t happy there. It wasn’t the right situation for me. I was under a lot of stress at the time. When I felt the worst, I would think of you and I would think holy smokes! Here’s this young man who is facing the world with such physical constriction and you’re trudging forward every day and it would put my life into perspective and you were such an inspiration to me. You gave me so much hope. You were that for me and you still are.”

“This experience makes me happy.”
Christopher is 18 this year. He is hopeful about his future.

As a child, Christopher Wiebe was diagnosed with Rotatory Scoliosis and told he wouldn’t live past age 21.

In 2012, Christopher was introduced to Deanna Hansen, a Winnipeg-based athletic therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics.

Since starting treatment with Deanna, Christopher’s health has improved dramatically.


Fluid Isometrics – an Effective Treatment
for Rotatory Scoliosis

Today he is 18 years old. The severe curvature of his spine has been reduced to such an extent that he is able to walk upright and experiences only the minor scoliosis symptoms that have restricted his ability to live a full and productive life for so many years.

Because of Deanna Hansen and Fluid Isometrics and the Treatment for Rotatory Scoliosis, Christopher’s future looks bright and his prognosis is good. He plans to one day be a Block Therapy instructor so that he can share with others the thing that has given him hope.

About Fluid Isometrics

Developed over fifteen years by Winnipeg-based athletic therapist and author, Deanna Hansen, Fluid Isometrics is a body work practice that utilizes either the practitioner’s hands or a wooden block to bring heat into an area and melt frozen fascia (scar tissue), releasing it from the area and thereby promoting increased blood and oxygen flow—critical to health and healing.

Over time, our fascia compresses layer over layer. If we allow this compression to develop over time, fat can build up, disease can settle in, aches and pains become chronic. Block Therapy harnesses the power of Fluid Isometrics.

To learn more about Christopher’s story and the successful treatment of his Rotatory Scoliosis.

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    1. Increasing Blood and oxygen flow will always benefit the body but I would need more information as to which joints have been fused and the direction you should go with the work.

      If you want to schedule a private Skype session with one of our teachers, a nurse, we would be able to guide you better.


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