Treatment for Scoliosis with Fluid Isometrics

An Effective a Treatment for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as a lateral bending of the spine, but it is really a winding down of specific vertebrae causing a displacement of tissue in the area affected. As the vertebrae spiral down, the soft tissue is torqued to one side. Whatever organs and tissue get caught in the spiral will determine what symptoms the person will experience.

The types of scoliosis vary depending on when it begins, and on the severity of the collapse, but it is an affliction that can be very debilitating as my patient Christopher experienced prior to his treatment for Scoliosis.

The most common type of scoliosis is idiopathic scoliosis, with idiopathic meaning unknown cause. They determine the severity of scoliosis by the degree to which the spine bends, a mild one being 20 degrees or less and more severe forms being greater than 20 degrees. If a progression of 70-90 degrees occurs, it will produce a disfiguring deformity, like in Christopher’s case.

In my opinion, everyone has scoliosis to some degree because no person is perfectly balanced and symmetrical. The fact that we are dominant on one side of the body means we are creating a winding down or rotating of specific vertebrae over time. I have worked on thousands of bodies over the 20 years of being a therapist and I have yet to meet a person without some degree of displacement.

Depending on where the affliction is in the spine will dictate the organs or tissue affected. You can see in Christopher’s before picture how much stress was directly placed on his stomach organ.  Prior to his treatment for Scoliosis he wasn’t able to eat much, leading to other health issues.

So what happens?

It is my belief that scoliosis in children starts in the womb. As none of us are symmetrical, when we are growing a baby, if one side of the belly is more open and spacious, that side will have a greater blood supply. If the belly can’t expand symmetrically, the fetus can’t grow symmetrically.

Whether I am accurate in my thinking or not, at the end of the day, we want to understand what we can do to improve the symmetry in the body and alleviate the spinal rotation and tissue compression.

Effective treatment for scoliosis
Treatment for Scoliosis

Fluid Isometrics is all about putting the tissue back to its correct alignment. Where tissue is compressed, it needs to decompress. The challenge is, that tissue will seal with a force of 2000 pounds per square inch, so to be able to put the space back requires patience and understanding.

The seal of the fascia binds with such a force because it has a magnetic attraction. Like any magnets, as long as there is a certain distance between them, they have no affect on one another. When they lose the space between, as what happens with tissue compression, they seal with an incredible force.

For Christopher’s treatment for Scoliosis I work on him with my hands. Over time we are releasing the seal in his body and putting the space back as you can see in his most recent after picture. If you compare the area where the stomach is from before, you can see the space that has been created. Not only was his stomach affected, but all the organs in the core, as his twisting was squeezing the life out of everything in the area.

Block therapy is the self-care version of Fluid Isometrics. By lying on the block in specific areas for a minimum of 3 minutes while breathing diaphragmatically, we put life, or space, back into the compressed tissue and release that magnetic hold.

It doesn’t stop here though. Unconscious posture and breathing are at least partly responsible for what creates this winding over time. So to undo this and maintain the space within, we need to take responsibility for our body.

It is all about space. Block therapy puts the space back into the tissue, breathing diaphragmatically inflates the space and proper posture maintains the space.

Stay tuned for more on Christopher’s journey as we continue with his treatment for Scoliosis.

You can start treating yourself today.  I have created a Block Therapy Intro Video Series for your personal use at home.  You can order by clicking here.

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