Block Therapy – great for stress relief

“Block Therapy is great for stress relief”

Hi, my name is Luella. I won this program in a gift basket at a Canadian Liver Foundation fundraiser. I’ve really enjoyed the classes. It’s been a great stress-buster for me. Block Therapy is great for stress relief. I’m not the aerobics type of person, I’m always behind a step or two, but this gave me confidence and more body awareness. It’s helped with my breathing and really a lot with my stress. The deep breathing has really helped me. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m going to be recommending it to my friends.

Are you looking for stress relief?

You can begin Block Therapy in the comfort of your own home. The Block Therapy Intro Video Series is available on DVD here. You will also need The Block Buddy. If you’re in Winnipeg, there are weekly Block Therapy Classes throughout the city. For more information on classes click here.

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