Success With Block Therapy

Block Therapy

This year had been very challenging for me. Both of my parents were very ill and my family wasn’t sure if either of them would live (Thankfully, my parents are both doing well now and the scare is over). At the same time, I drastically changed the business direction of Fluid Isometrics. I went from owning a clinic with therapists trained in my work, to closing the clinic and focusing on Block Therapy.

Block Therapy puts the power in your hands

Fluid Isometrics and what it offers the world is so far-reaching it was hard to know what direction to take, but my passion has always been teaching self-care. By putting my energy and resources into sharing Block Therapy I can put the power of Fluid Isometrics into everyone’s hands instead of a few highly-trained professionals.

When I Stopped Chasing Success it Started Chasing Me

For almost 15 years though, I was trying to share Fluid Isometrics with little success. I worked so hard and wasn’t having much fun, and despite all of my best efforts, I wasn’t having business success either. At the time, I didn’t understand why, but it makes perfect sense to me now.

Now I understand  that I wasn’t following my path. Once I finally started moving in the direction of my heart, all of the decisions became easier. Not only that, as if by some miracle, one by one my incredible team members came on board and opportunities started presenting themselves, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Now that I am living my passion, everything is coming toward me, instead of me tirelessly chasing after it, and failing.

So as I frequently share with my team, if something takes too much effort, it isn’t what we should be doing. I truly believe when you live your truth and your dream, life is like riding a wave. In yoga it is called effortless effort. It’s about finding the balance of work,  joy, effort and ease. This is also at the heart of the practice of Block Therapy – persuasion vs. force.

I am thrilled so many people are catching on to this simple, highly efficient form of body work.

Life is amazing!

Breathe & Believe,

Deanna Hansen

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