Deanna Hansen Discusses The Science of Breath

The Science of Breath by Yogi RamacharakaIn his book, Science of Breath  Swami Rama says that “Controlling the breath is a pre-requisite to controlling
the mind and body.”

This study of the mechanics of  breathing is a fascinating read. In Science of Breath Swami shares that, “as the breath influences both body and mind, then the rhythm and the rate of the breath would reflect not only one’s physical condition, but would also help to create it.”

In yoga, we learn that we are born into this lifetime with a signature posture, and it is the goal of this lifetime to break through that posture.

When we are born (assuming the pregnancy is healthy) we breathe through the belly. Unfortunately, pain, fear and stress over time cause us to reactively hold the breath.
This is problematic because as Swami Rama says in Science of Breath, the rhythm and
the rate of the breath reflects not only one’s physical condition, but helps to create it. That means that if we are letting pain, fear and stress take over our breath, we will eventually become the physical representation of that. Instead, we want to be open, spacious and free to create and explore life. We want to be happy and peaceful within.
We want to have the emotional space to experience love.

Science of Breath –
‘The breath determines the signature posture’

In the Science of Breath we learn from Swami Rama that it is the breath that determines the signature posture. To change it we must change the rate and rhythm of the breath. However, the obstacle to changing our signature posture (our physical container) is the force that holds us in our patterned state. Our connective tissue has magnetically sealed us out of alignment with a force up to 2000lbs./square inch. How compressed your body has become over your lifetime will determine the challenge ahead of you to melt through those powerful restrictions.

If we want to change we have to actively work towards that change, but we need to do so in a kind and patient way.  The beauty of Block Therapy is that it effectively and efficiently releases this incredible force. It brings together a trinity of pressure (to bring heat into an area), over a specific amount of time, and proper diaphragmatic breathing, to create the perfect balance to safely melt through the build-up of adhesion’s in the tissue. With this healing combination we can truly transform our body into a younger, revitalized state that is lighter and freer. And the best part about Block Therapy is it’s easy to do.
The Block Buddy, your body weight and gravity do most of the work. All you have to do is be willing to move into your pain and breathe through it. It’s as simple as that. In this case, pain is the guide to the freedom within.

The fountain of youth is real, and it isn’t hard or expensive to have. You can begin by trying Block Therapy at home. When you’re ready, come out to a class and discover how Block Therapy is transforming other people’s lives in every way imaginable, one breath at a time.

In the meantime,

Breathe & Believe
Deanna Hansen

Science of the Breath
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