Winnipeg-Based Health & Wellness Company Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

WINNIPEG, MB—August 21, 2014—Winnipeg-based health & wellness company, Fluid Isometrics is celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of its home-based body work practice, Block Therapy with a FREE Client Appreciation Party and the MEDIA IS INVITED.
Block Therapy Powered by Fluid Isometrics

Come learn about this new form of body work that is gaining worldwide attention. Meet the founder and author, Deanna Hansen who is the foremost expert in fascia release and is known as the “Tissue Whisperer.”

“I’m thrilled to be able to share this form of body work with the world. Although my mission is to put a Block Buddy into the hands of every person on the planet, my immediate goal is to make Winnipeg the healthiest city in the country. I love my city and I will always keep Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy based here. This is my gift to the community I grew up in and intend to live in the rest of my life.”


About Block Therapy

Developed by Winnipeg-based athletic therapist and author, Deanna Hansen, Block Therapy is a self-care body work practice. The individual lies on a specially-designed wooden block called the Block Buddy for a minimum of 3 minutes in each of 47 positions throughout the body. Wood is used as the therapeutic tool because, unlike artificial materials like foam or plastic, it shares similar density to bone. With gravity and body weight, the Block Buddy is able to sink deeply into the tissue, all the way to the bone. This pressure brings increased blood and oxygen into the area, thereby warming the connective tissue and “melting” the powerful seal between layers that creates unhealthy restrictions. The student is taught to use diaphragmatic breathing to bring into the body up to 600% more oxygen. This combination of increased oxygen, proper posture and alignment, and the freeing of adhesion form the basis of the Fluid Isometrics system.

Students have reported that regular Block Therapy:

    •    Prompts healing from chronic conditions
    •    Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
    •    Speeds healing of acute injuries
    •    Reduces cellulite
    •    Improves appearance of skin and hair


For media inquiries contact:

Tina Lussier
204 299-4758

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