Yoga Centre Winnipeg Offering Block Therapy Classes

Yoga Centre Winnipeg Block Therapy Class

Take your Yoga to a whole new level with
Fluid Isometrics & Yoga Centre Winnipeg!

Fluid Isometrics is partnering with Yoga Centre Winnipeg to provide Introductory Block Therapy Classes at their location, 915 Grosvener Avenue in Winnipeg!

The mission at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg is to provide exceptional yoga instruction in an atmosphere that promotes growth and community. Adding Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy to their list of classes will certainly help their students to excel in their practice of Yoga.

Yoga Centre Winnipeg embraces inspirational teachings from a wide variety of methods and Fluid Isometrics is proud to have been invited to include Block Therapy to their current list of classes.  Learn how Block Therapy can benefit your Yoga practice here

Yoga Centre Winnipeg uses the basic principles of movement and alignment to support and encourage the active development of body, mind and spirit and we feel privileged to join them in cultivating wholeness.

Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy classes will be offered at Yoga Centre Winnipeg on Tuesdays, February 3, 10 & 17 for a cost of $60.00 for all three classes.

There are a total of 3 classes in the Block Therapy Introductory Series

Tuesday, February 3 – Block Therapy Core Workout –Release compressed tissue in the belly and rib cage, granting deeper access to the diaphragm muscle. This work benefits all the systems in the body because better functioning of the diaphragm dramatically increases oxygenation to the cells and the abdominal organs. Heart and lungs receive improved blood and energy flow, allowing the body to function more efficiently as a whole. Note: It is highly recommended that students take the core class before beginning any other classes.

Tuesday, February 10 – Block Therapy Pelvis & Legs Workout –Melt compressed tissue in the pelvis and legs. Improve circulation to the organs of reproduction and elimination, legs and feet. Benefits muscle function as well as improves the appearance of tissue.

Tuesday, February 17 – Head, Neck and Arms Workout – Melt compressed tissue in the upper body, arms, neck and face. This improves muscle function, tissue appearance and realigns the head, taking off pressure from the upper back and neck. Increased circulation benefits all the structures in the area, including the brain, hair, eyes and thyroid gland and provides an improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin.

The Block Buddy and Yoga mat required for these classes

Learn the difference between Block Therapy and Yoga here
Learn the difference between Block Therapy and the Melt Method & Yamuna here

To register please
contact Yoga Centre Winnipeg


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