Understanding Proper Diaphragmatic Breathing

Block Therapy, Step 1:
Learn Proper Diaphragmatic Breathing.

Before we even get into learning the Block Therapy placements I always start with talking about proper diaphragmatic breathing. Breathing properly literally changed the physiology of the body. If you look at Quinn in the above video, he is breathing in and out through his belly, he is breathing with the diaphragm muscle.

Why Is Proper Diaphragmatic Breathing Important?

Proper Diaphragmatic BreathingWhen we breathe diaphragmatically we feed the body 6x more the amount of oxygen than when we breathe through the muscles of the upper chest. If you look at a healthy baby, they tend to breathe through the diaphragm, through their belly. Over time, what happens due to pain, fear and stress is that we reactively hold the breathe and then we end up breathing from the muscles of the upper chest.  Because we are not working the foundation of the rib cage, which is the diaphragm muscle, the rib cage literally collapses into the core of the body and strangles that diaphragm muscle from being able to function properly. At the base of the lungs is where 70% of the alveoli live, which is the oxygen receptor sites. When we’re breathing incorrectly we don’t even bring the air deeply enough into the lungs to reach those receptor sites.

In the video above, Quinn demonstrates an incorrect chest breathe. Notice how you are seeing his chest rising. When he takes a proper diaphragmatic breathe, we see his belly rising.

About The Diaphragm

The diaphragm is a plate of muscle. It is the ceiling to the abdominal organs and the floor to the heart and lungs. When we are using this muscle to breathe, we are giving all of these organs an internal massage, keeping them heated and allowing blood to freely flow to the cells – keeping them fed and clean.

How Does Improper Breathing Affect Your Body?

When we breathe through the upper chest we collapse into the core and displace the internal organs. When we don’t breathe properly, we become cold in this area, the body ages, and we experience pain and disease as a result.

Block Therapy Reverses The Aging

With the Block Therapy Intro Video Series we learn how to release the rib cage, bringing it up into its proper alignment so that we can access proper diaphragmatic breathing and how to properly oxygenate the body as a whole.





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