Meet Quinn Castelane, Block Therapy™ Teacher Training Coach

Quinn Castelane
Quinn Castelane is a Personal Training Specialist, a Physique Competitor,

a Certified Block Therapy™ instructor & Teacher Training Coach.

After only a few classes and continually using the Block Buddy™ at home, Quinn’s posture, flexibility, balance, strength and muscle recovery time improved significantly. Now, after18 months of practicing Block Therapy™, Quinn has experienced phenomenal changes to his body and has drastically improved his overall health and physical appearance.

Block Therapy™ has incorporated perfectly into my workout regime.” 

As a Body Builder and Physique Competitor, Quinn Castelane has been supplement-free for over a year now, including all protein powders. Block Therapy™ alone has replaced all ingestible supplements for Quinn.

When Quinn started practicing Block Therapy™ regularly, he began to notice how fast his muscles would recover after working out, faster than with any ingestible supplement out there.

As a result of his Block Therapy™ training, Quinn began to understand that muscles not only need macro-nutrients to recover and build faster, but more importantly, muscles need oxygen. Oxygen is the number one essential nutrient our body requires, however it is the least talked about nutrient.

Since incorporating Block Therapy™ into his workout regime, Quinn’s body is more balanced, proportionate and symmetrical than it ever was before. He is a lot wider and less bulky now because he is constantly creating more space within his cells and feeding it with the nutrient it truly needs to build and recover – oxygen.

“As a result of Block Therapy™, my core is more balanced
and my shoulders are better aligned
– not rolling forward causing a bulky look.” 

Quinn now understands that with improper postural habits, unconscious workouts and improper breathing, fascia will pull and adhere onto bone, pulling us out of alignment. This not only creates an asymmetrical physique, but it also creates a collapse within our internal space, constantly pulling us further out of alignment contributing to future health issues.

As a Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor and Teacher Training Coach, Quinn knows that everything comes down to space, and the more space he can create and then inflate with oxygen, the more muscular, defined, stronger, balanced, proportionate and symmetrical he will become. Bodybuilding isn’t all about size and mass, it’s a celebration of the human body by building an aesthetic physique that people can admire and aspire to.

“I have become a subconscious diaphragmatic breather.
This is what helps me in the gym and I know it will help everyone else.” 

It is challenging to break the habit of unconsciously breathing through the muscles in our upper chest because we have likely been doing this for years. But when we break that habit and focus on breathing diaphragmatically, we pull in up to 6 times the amount of oxygen with every breath. The practice of Block Therapy™ will help release the fascia built up around the diaphragm and we will begin to strengthen and properly utilize this very important muscle.

In addition to providing coaching for Block Therapy™ Instructors in training, Quinn is in the process of creating the ‘Block Therapy™ for Bodybuilders 4-Week Beginner program’ which will illustrate the work he has been doing over the past year and exactly how he incorporates the practice of Block Therapy™ into his workouts.

Quinn Castelane looks forward to continuing to improve himself and the wellness of others by helping to certify many more Block Therapy™ Instructors as time goes on.


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