Introducing Quinn Castelane, VP of Block Therapy and Lead Block Therapist

My life and my business would not be the same without Quinn in it. He is my nephew, friend and business partner. Block Therapy would not be what it is without Quinn by my side. Today, I would like to take a moment and celebrate his journey with Block Therapy, and to share with you how integral he is to this business.

My nephew Quinn was eighteen. I had always felt he would be part of Fluid Isometrics, but I would never push or suggest it. He had just started Business School at university when I held my first large class. He came to it and was sold.

He told me he wanted to quit school and dive into Block Therapy. Inside I was beaming; the thought that he wanted this filled me with joy. Then he asked if I would tell his parents he wanted to quit school. That threw me: I still wasn’t sure how I was going to get my message out to the world, although I did know it would require an army. We talked about it at length and I agreed to be his advocate.

Quinn had always been a natural athlete; bodybuilding was now his passion. He was like me: when he found something he loved, he would dive right in. His training at the gym had certainly enabled him to bulk up, and he had grown significantly in the last year. He also worked at a supplement store, and was consuming large amounts of its products.

Quinn in 2019

I told him my opinion of these, and said that if he really wanted to help me share the benefits of Block Therapy, we needed to test his body and see what the practice alone could do for him. He agreed to stop taking supplements. Thus began a whole new path for us both. I had no interest in spending time at the gym. Thankfully, Quinn took on the task of integrating what he learned from me into his training, and it didn’t take long to see remarkable changes in him.

One night we went to the gym together to make some changes to his routine. I wanted to teach him how to strengthen his fascia, not his muscles. The act of working on people’s fascia and following their tissue naturally created a pattern of movement that I adopted. I wanted to integrate that into his existing program, with some minor tweaks to the movements of lifting weights and connecting to his breath.

He was so excited. After he began to apply this, he was blown away by how much stronger he was becoming without the typical post workout pain; and the cool part is, he was using less weight. The process generated an overall cellular integration in the area of focus and created a clean and symmetrical appearance. With the decompressing component of Block Therapy, his body quickly responded. Before long, he was getting noticed.

I feel I have found and mastered the solution to living a healthy, long and enjoyable life. I can manage my pain, my alignment, even issues such as disease, because I now have a different understanding of the body. It’s simple: we need to create space in the body, oxygenate our cells, and then create proper postural foundations. As long as the fascia is open and our systems can flow optimally, the body takes care of the rest. It can heal itself. This is why Block therapy is the missing link in self care. ~ Quinn

Quinn in 2020

Quinn was live on a Fascia Masters episode July 2, 2020.
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Breathe and Believe.

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