Meet Heather McLeod Whitla, Block Therapy™ Teacher Training Coach

Heather McLeod Whitla, Certified Block Therapy Instructor and Teacher Training Coach

Heather McLeod Whitla is a Personal Training Specialist, an avid runner,
a Certified Block Therapy Instructor™ & Teacher Training Coach.

Heather has been a lifelong athlete participating in many team and individual sports. She has been a runner since the age of 11 when she participated in the very first Manitoba Marathon, and was the youngest female at that time to cross the finish line. Heather’s enjoyment of running led to many more marathons throughout her life.

Heather has always made it a priority to keep her body healthy and fit to the best of her ability. This passion this led her to become a Personal Training Specialist so that she could help others reach their goals of becoming fit and healthy.

Heather’s plans came to an abrupt halt when she suddenly began to experience a drastic decrease in energy and found herself needing to sleep more than necessary. After a year of searching for a solution, she discovered that her organs were beginning to shut down on her. Not one of them was functioning enough to keep Heather alive for much longer.

Heather persevered to try everything she possibly could to naturally regain her health. Although she did recover to some degree, she was still not very healthy and continued to suffer from unusual fatigue.

Everything Changed When Heather McLeod Whitla Learned
About Fluid Isometrics™ and Deanna Hansen.

Heather met Deanna Hansen, founder of Fluid Isometrics™ when she took her daughter to be treated for a back injury. She immediately fell in love with the Fluid Isometrics™ philosophy and Block Therapy™. Heather McLeod Whitla knew in that moment that she wanted to teach this modality to others and help coach new instructors so that they too can help educate others about Block Therapy™.

“After my first month of practicing Block Therapy™ I began to feel more energized.”

After the first month of practicing Block Therapy™ every day, Heather began to feel more energized. As she continued to learn more about what Block Therapy™ was doing for her body, she realized that this was “The Missing Link” to her state of wellness.

“Before I knew it, I was running effortlessly.”

Heather was able to return to running shortly after starting Block Therapy™. The first and most amazing thing that she noticed was her breath! She was breathing with ease and was able to reach a steady state during her run much faster than ever before.  She also noticed that her legs felt lighter, her stride had increased considerably, and she experienced less pain after running, significantly decreasing her recovery time. Before Heather knew it, she was running effortlessly. Block Therapy™ had been a game changer for Heather McLeod Whitla.

“I feel even healthier and stronger than I did as a teenager.
Having the ability to share this incredible phenomenon called Block Therapy™
with others, is truly the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.”

Heather is inspired by the amazing results that she has witnessed with her students and she is excited to help empower and support others as they regain control of their health and wellness.


Heather McLeod Whitla

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