A Natural Skin Cleanser

Natural Skin Cleanser

Give Your Skin a Spring Cleaning
With a Natural Skin Cleanser

I recently came home from a sunny vacation. It was much needed as I had one of the most challenging years of my life. Between the health of my parents going downhill and the loss of my father, to my shift in business and the stress that accompanies starting new (sleepless nights…), it really took a toll on me.

My vacation gave me the opportunity to reset. I had time to spend on my body and health and get back to a place where I feel energized and youthful. The best things I did for myself were miles of walking by the ocean, hours upon hours of Block Therapy, and a really simple skin routine that has given me back the glow that seemed to fade with the challenges I encountered, and my lack of self care and sleep.

I was sent an email on the benefits of Epsom salts. I use them to bathe but I had never thought of creating a scrub combining the salts and coconut oil. I am so grateful for the information as the lines began to fade and my skin started to look more radiant in a very short period of time. This is such a simple, inexpensive, incredibly beneficial practice as the salts not only exfoliate but also detoxify the skin, and of course the coconut oil is amazing at moisturizing.

So I am beginning to feel more rested, alive, radiant and ready to take on the challenges to come. Of course Block Therapy will always be a part of my daily routine but I will also continue with this wonderful solution for skin care. I truly believe we don’t need to spend tons of money on products as there are so many valuable concoctions that are at our fingertips, often already in your home.

Give it a try, and if anyone else has some insights for improving the look and health of skin that are simple, natural, easy and affordable, I would love to hear about them and share.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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