Meet Your New Block Therapy™ Instructor Kayla Bennett

Kayla Bennett Block Therapy Instructor

Congratulations to our newest Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor, Kayla Bennett!

Kayla is a bartender/server and a Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor.

During her Mom’s battle with cancer, Kayla decided it was time to start taking care of herself and her family. Going to the gym was only the beginning. While there, she was delighted to discover a class introducing her to the brand new practice of Block Therapy™.

While practicing Block Therapy™ Powered by Fluid Isometrics™ Kayla Bennett learned how to release the physical and emotional stress she had been holding on to.

Kayla Bennett Experienced Instant Results
With Block Therapy™

After Kayla’s first Block Therapy™ class she immediately felt surrounded by a sense of calm energy. After a month of practicing, her clothes were fitting looser and she was noticing an improvement in her flexibility, posture and her metabolism. Kayla was hooked on the natural high and the benefits that she was experiencing as a result of practicing Block Therapy™.

After running several half marathons in 2014 Kayla Bennett began to notice a pain in her right ankle. She  was diagnosed with Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis as a result of a mixture of over training and the dominance she placed on her right side. By dedicating herself to the practice of Block Therapy™ Kayla was able to continue to run, workout and most importantly, achieve that balance in her life that she had been striving for.

Kayla continues to assist her Mother with her recovery and enjoys helping friends and family around her. She looks forward to providing the knowledge needed so that people can take control of their own lives.

Today, Block Therapy™ has changed the way Kayla looks and feels, and she is excited to be helping improve the health and wellness of others.

Kayla’s future plans are to return to school and study to become a Naturopathic Doctor. She plans to add Block Therapy™ to her practice.

Kayla Bennett will be teaching Block Therapy™ classes at various locations throughout Manitoba. Watch for details about her upcoming classes by signing up for our newsletter or joining us on Facebook.


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  1. awesome testimonial…So very happy for you and all those that will be healthier for your knowledge. Its a game changer for sure

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