Doug’s Trip to Winnipeg – Scoliosis Gone

I just finished working with Doug, our scoliosis client from LA. He came to Winnipeg for a week of treatment with Quinn and me and Wow, what an amazing transformation he went through. Watch the video at the bottom of the blog to see Doug’s progress.

It was a year and a half ago that I first worked with Doug. Although the curvature wasn’t extreme in appearance, the pain and fear kept him locked in a prison. That first experience opened his body to a different process. Interestingly, after we left LA, he didn’t continue with Blocking as life got in the way. I was expecting to see him in a similar state as when we first met from not doing the work as he shared how angry he was that he fell off the wagon and lost all that we had gained.

To my surprise, when he arrived June 7, 2018, he had maintained the positive changes. Even though he didn’t continue Blocking, he did continue diaphragmatic breathing. This fed the cells we had awakened the first time and kept his tissue warmer. Once we started, the melting of the adhesions holding his body was fast.

In one week, he changed a ton. Straight and free, confident and excited, Doug has left with renewed excitement and will continue using this practice to keep his body healthy and free.

If you suffer from Scoliosis, check out to learn more.

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