Teacher Feature – Victoria Goodman

Victoria Goodman joined Block Therapy University program 2 years ago and has been a force ever since. She became the first Block Therapy Instructor in Ontario, started teaching classes at the local library the following month has had regular classes there ever since. 

Victoria’s passion for sharing Block Therapy is making waves as she has already introduced a few new people to the Instructor program, and is helping many find health and healing in their own bodies. 

Victoria is truly a remarkable woman and she walks the talk. In less than 2 years, she has transformed her body, from suffering in pain to freedom from pain. She has increased energy and productivity, has slimmed down by 20 lbs or more, and toned and realigned her body!  She has healed from shoulder pain, neck pain and restriction, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, brain fog, constipation, circulation problems, wrinkles, scar tissue, foot pain -- even her hot flashes are under control.  

Victoria’s kind heart combined with her dedication to educating people and sharing what she believes is truly a gift for Block Therapy. Already having an impressive background as a Certified Bowen Therapist and Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional, she knew right from the beginning that Block Therapy would deliver great results. She has certainly proven this with her own incredible transformation, and with the many people she has already helped.

Victoria offers one-on-one training at her Holistic Day Spa and Online and is planning on building an Indoor/outdoor Block Therapy Studio, so she can teach full size classes from home.

We are so excited and happy for you Victoria!!!

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  1. Vickie introduced me to Block Therapy. Because of her excellent teaching style, her results and now, my own remarkable results, I am on my way to being a Block Instructor myself.
    If you are in Ontario and seeing a Block Therapy teacher, look no further than Victoria!
    I miss you Vick and I’m so happy you are spotlighted this month. You have definitely earned this honour. Can’t wait to see what else you do with Block!