The Birth of Block Therapy – Part 2

The first sensation I encountered was pain. Stark in its intensity, it was equally profound in its effect. The pain took me to the exhalation. It took me to the place I had been afraid of, and it pushed itself through the barrier. It punctured a seal I had created over years of struggle, and gave me access to a center of pure calm.

I continued to explore. The relief I felt was so impacting that I wanted to prolong it indefinitely. I combined adding pressure into my abdomen with exhaling deeply, and felt incredible relief. I was moving the fear, the thoughts of the past, the stuck emotion, purposefully out of my being. With each new breath I felt lighter and cleaner.

You can’t imagine the sensations running through me at that time. I had spent years and years trying to force my body to be what I wanted it to be, with frustratingly opposite results. Not only was I bigger than I wanted to be; my tissue felt hard, cold and dense. I was weighty, and it affected my movements. Everything was laboured and painful.

For about 5 years, for 5 hours a day, I was diving into my own tissue with my hands, exploring my body. It started in my abdomen, where I spent most of my time in the beginning, and gradually evolved to embrace all areas. I continued to discover things about myself with each passing sweep of the hand. Along the way I was learning different textures and sensations, and experiencing an array of changes. The effects were endless, and all positive.

Imagine: for 5 years, every day, I would spend hours working in my tissue, the rest of the day treating patients with a skill I seemed to be channeling. About 2 years into this routine, a patient said I should be teaching my technique. It was the first time anyone had suggested such a thing, and I realized I wasn’t even sure what I was doing. I was following some unseen energy that was guiding my hands, and people were experiencing amazing results.

There definitely was something guiding me; it wasn’t some intellectual creation. I always say to people, “I didn’t develop Fluid Isometrics, it developed me”. And that was and is the beauty of it. There was something so compelling about the process and sensations that I couldn’t help myself. The realization that I had discovered something that would remove the internal pressure inspired such enthusiasm that I couldn’t stop the work. Every day, after spending 8-10 hours on patients, I would come home and spend my remaining waking time exploring my own tissue. It was as if I had started a magical journey where every corner I turned revealed new gifts and treasures.

In the beginning, relief from anxiety was the draw; but very quickly it became about weight loss/shape shifting. I couldn’t believe it: I had spent years trying to force my body to lose weight and change its shape, but with all my efforts I was getting bigger and experiencing more pain. I was 50 pounds overweight and nothing was working for me. It was incredibly discouraging.

To have found something so simple that was getting the results I had struggled for in vain was groundbreaking. Literally, the answer I had been seeking was at my fingertips. Little did I know how this would ultimately dominate my life; but here I am.  I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

We discussed weight loss and body perception issues with one of our instructors, Chris Prado, during one of our Fascia Masters episodes, provided below. 
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Next Week: The Skinny on Block Therapy and Weight Loss

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