MY BLOCK STORY: Myasthenia Gravis|Mental Health|Increased Muscle Strength

Our featured testimonial is by our wonderful Head Office team member, Stephanie, who has made the decision to move on in her career. I want to start by thanking and honouring her, prior to sharing her story.I have been so blessed with the Block Therapy team. They are truly some of the most dedicated and …

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The Skinny on Weight Loss

How many of you work really hard to lose weight only to fail continually? Weight loss is something so many are seeking yet aren’t achieving. Part of the reason is that we are not looking at the most efficient solution. Maybe if we changed the focus, we would approach our mission in a different way.

What is Block Therapy? – The Practice

As discussed in the two previous blogs, Block Therapy addresses the adhesions and frozen tissue in the fascia system.  Diaphragmatic breathing and the diaphragm are the furnace that warm the core. The combination of the Block and diaphragmatic breath, melts through adhesions and restrictions, bringing our cells, and our bodies, back into alignment. You will …

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The Block Buddy

Why is the “Block Buddy” made from wood? When we practice Block Therapy using the Block Buddy, we are moving through the layers of fascia, (connective tissue), that have been created from years of unconscious breathing, incorrect posture, injury, maybe surgery, the negative accumulation of stress and unhealthy daily habits. The force that the fascia …

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