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Block Therapy real results for real peopleBlock Therapy works


It can be very challenging to find time for ourselves, especially if we are a mother with a job and a family to look after. Often, the only time for us is when everyone is in bed and the day is over. However, jumping on a treadmill at 10:00 at night can energize us, making it difficult to get the sleep we require. So how can we get much-needed exercise and relaxation to help our body heal from life’s crazy schedule?

Block Therapy is exercise and relaxation

Here is one woman’s experience with Block Therapy and the benefits she is observing in a very short period of time:

“Thanks Deanna for introducing me to Block Therapy! My experience has been amazing. In the 4 weeks I have been using the Block [Buddy], my pain is reduced, I’ve lost inches on my stomach and thighs, and just genuinely feel better.  My sleep has improved (I wake up less often in pain) and if I do wake up with pain, 20 minutes on the Block [Buddy] and I am again pain free and able to sleep (no pills required).  This has been much more effective than anything else I’ve tried and I am feeling great!”

Block Therapy is exercise and meditation

The real value of this work is in its simplicity and comprehensiveness. It is an exercise, a therapy and a meditation all in one. Once you learn the principles it is available to you for life. You can practice Block Therapy when you travel, while you watch a movie, or while listening to music. Some people even take their Block Buddy to bed to help fall asleep.

To view a clip from the Block Therapy Introductory Series visit our YouTube Channel.

Your personal freedom is only a Block away!!!

Breathe & Believe,

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